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What is OKR? A Complete Guide for objectives and key results

OKRs have immense cultural value within companies, as they encourage teams to be focused on outcomes rather than output.… (Read more)

Mature student

Back to school at 40? Why it’s worth investing in executive education as a mature student

Studying at an established online institution like EDHEC is ideal for mature students, offering a learning environment that is perfectly suited to busy professionals.… (Read more)

international careers

Taking it Global: 6 Tips for Developing International Careers

If you’re not sure where to start, or how your skills specifically apply to international careers, it’s a great idea to consider a degree programme that will equip you with the knowledge and wherewithal to confront the world job market.… (Read more)

Time management

Effective time management strategies to balance work and study

The right strategies can allow you to find time to study even in the midst of a hectic work schedule and when balancing family commitments.… (Read more)

Financer sa formation - OPCO - EDHEC Online

The Coaching Manager: The Image of an Inspiring Leader

The Coaching Manager takes a collaborative and empowering approach, guiding their team members and encouraging them to be more inventive and insightful. … (Read more)

Distance Coaching vs Face-to-Face Coaching: The Differences and Advantages

A coach and coachee can still meet through distance sessions, despite common belief. … (Read more)

Entrepreneurship vs employee

Employee vs your own business: how to decide whether entrepreneurship is right for you

Should you start your own business? Or should you play it safe with regular employment? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of each option.… (Read more)

5 Reasons to Boost Your Career with Continuing Professional Development

Contrary to popular belief, employability is not only taught at school, but also (and above all) through continuing professional development.… (Read more)

Online coaching

Career Coaching Methods at EDHEC Online: Our Unique Approach

Career coaching at EDHEC Online makes use of the latest technology, experienced coaches, and a combination of individual and group online career coaching methods.… (Read more)

Inès, a young French-Swedish professional in love with China

In terms of online education, I looked at who seemed to be “the most knowledgeable” and I saw that EDHEC was a pioneer. … (Read more)

How to Give and Receive Feedback at Work

360-degree feedback questions: the key to giving and receiving feedback

With the right approach and some practice, this is a skill that you can develop in order to be a better manager or team member, deliver better results, and be more attractive to prospective employers.… (Read more)

Education funding

How to Pay for College: Tips for Funding Your Education

From getting a loan to applying for a scholarship, there are a range of ways you can pay for your higher education fees.… (Read more)