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bored at work

Bored at Work? Here’s 5 Ways to Fix It

Being bored at work is an under-studied and under-discussed issue which many employers aren’t fully aware of. Yet, it affects much of the modern workforce, and between 43 to 53 percent of workers are currently affected by it.… (Read more)

study and work

Study and Work: Can You Do Both?

Thanks to increased flexible study plans and remote working options, aspiring professionals can study and work simultaneously more than ever before.… (Read more)

data storytelling

Data Storytelling: The Art and Science of Telling a Story with Data

To be an expert in data storytelling, being an adept data scientist or analyst is not enough. You also need to be a master in communication with special sensitivity to the nuances of human behaviour.… (Read more)

international business diploma

5 Ways an International Business Diploma Puts You Ahead of the Rest

From language practice to unique skill building to networking across the globe, an International Business diploma provides an ideal way to expand your professional profile and make your CV more appealing in an incredibly competitive, international job market.… (Read more)

edhec online course

EDHEC: Building an innovative and personalised online learning experience

EDHEC Business School’s pioneer methods for online learning have been recognized on the global scale during the latest FOME (Future of Management Education) alliance conference.… (Read more)

build a network

6 Ways to Build a Network (Even When Working From Home)

Networking is easier than ever before — gone are the days of commuting across the city just to meet someone for a drink. … (Read more)

analytical skills

6 Ways to Improve Your Analytical Skills

Activities such as brain games and reading can be both enjoyable and mentally stimulating.… (Read more)

DeFi, crypto: Blueprint of the future of decentralised finance

Decentralised finance is not just a simple digital shift of the systems we have known until now. As its main critics are often derived from these very traditional systems, it presents a real disruptive potential from various angles. … (Read more)

online master

Chloé Simon, student of the EDHEC Online Master: The importance of coaching to find your way

It is especially all this reflection that EDHEC allows me to have on my career and on the future that is useful to me.… (Read more)

social innovation

Social Innovation: Reimagining Professional Priorities in Today’s Day and Age

Social innovation within an organization is often spearheaded by “social intrapreneurship”, a term used to define employee involvement in a company’s corporate social responsibility initiative (also referred to as CSR). … (Read more)

non verbal communications

Top Non-Verbal Communication Skills For Success

People tune in to your body language, eye contact, and facial expressions when you’re talking, consciously or subconsciously. Non-verbal skills will not only help you to advance your career, but they are also important for your personal development.… (Read more)


FinTech: How is Technology Transforming the Future of Finance?

FinTech is giving traditional financial institutions a run for their money with progressive, effective, and advantageous solutions that make traditional business models look almost irrelevant.… (Read more)