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Séverine CLERICE

Regional Sales Manager SECURITAS FRANCE

I chose the EDHEC Programme Manager to help me take a step back and take a step forward from my current position as a sales manager…

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EDHEC joins elite FOME Alliance for top business schools

The FOME Alliance has collaborated to create the first shared online learning platform of its kind, designed to provide a superior education for all participating students. … (lire plus)

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Bored at Work? How To Get Rid of Boreout Syndrome

The burn-out syndrome is at first sight similar to the boreout syndrome. However, unlike its almost identical name, it is not the result of too much work, but rather of a lack of stimulation.… (lire plus)

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Learn Better with the Zeigarnik Effect

l’effet Zeigarnik est la tendance à se souvenir plus facilement des tâches inachevées que de celles que nous avons terminées - un bel apprentissage des rouages psycho-cognitifs humains… (lire plus)