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Séverine CLERICE

Regional Sales Manager SECURITAS FRANCE

I chose the EDHEC Programme Manager to help me take a step back and take a step forward from my current position as a sales manager…

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joris geerdens


Student MSc in International Business Management

Next to all the things you can learn out of the course, the network you can get from it, the partnerships are a ticket to get you into a better company, or a nicer career.

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bich pham


Student Master of Science (MSc) in Data Management and Business Analytics

When you work in ecommerce, being comfortable with data is crucial. Everyone in my organization has to be able to read data and understand the overall business performance. 

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social innovation

Social Innovation: Reimagining Professional Priorities in Today’s Day and Age

Social innovation within an organization is often spearheaded by “social intrapreneurship”, a term used to define employee involvement in a company’s corporate social responsibility initiative (also referred to as CSR). … (lire plus)

non verbal communications

Top Non-Verbal Communication Skills For Success

People tune in to your body language, eye contact, and facial expressions when you’re talking, consciously or subconsciously. Non-verbal skills will not only help you to advance your career, but they are also important for your personal development.… (lire plus)

Digital Transformation

FinTech: How is Technology Transforming the Future of Finance?

FinTech is giving traditional financial institutions a run for their money with progressive, effective, and advantageous solutions that make traditional business models look almost irrelevant.… (lire plus)