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Is physical travel required to follow an EDHEC Online programme?

With a 100% online programme, there are no travel constraints. This type of training allows for a seamless combination of work, personal life, and learning time. 

Exam scheduling is determined in advance, with dedicated time slots. Exams are taken online: all you have to do is connect to the platform provided by EDHEC Online. 

On a voluntary basis and depending on availability, some programmes may offer in-person experiences or modules, in order to maximise educational immersion: 

Do I need to speak French to join EDHEC Online programmes?

No, speaking French is not a prerequisite to apply to our online programmes. 

We offer international programmes taught entirely in English for international students based anywhere in the world.  

Our English-speaking staff are also available to answer any questions you may have. 

Below is a list of our programmes taught entirely in English: 

However, we also have courses taught in French. 

EDHEC Online virtual campus: how do the courses work? 

The curriculum varies for each programme, but the content is always segmented into modules. For each module, a set of deliverables is usually required, to be completed individually or in groups.

The weeks on the online campus are punctuated by different digital ‘events’: weekly interactive virtual classes, workshops, access to chat tools and Slack messaging, etc. In addition to the online campus, our participants are also encouraged to work in groups on a collaborative project throughout their training. Compatible with tablets and smartphones, this platform is accessible 24/7.

At EDHEC Online, people are at the centre of the teaching process. There is a community fostering a true group dynamic, where professors, coaches, and learners share the same desire to teach and learn. 

Proximity and mutual support are at the heart of the EDHEC Online system: the support team is always available to help participants get organised, succeed in their learning path up to graduation, and achieve their career goals. 

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Am I required to take an English test?

In order to apply to our Master of Science programmes, all candidates must take an English language test. These tests help ensure that you will be able to get the most out of our courses. 

See our programme pages for details about the tests and score requirements: 

    Can I get a bank loan in France?

    Most French banks will agree to finance training for French residents.

    If you live outside France, we suggest contacting the banks in your country to have a better chance of getting a loan. 

    For more information about our financing solutions, please contact one of our career advisors. 

    Can I join the EDHEC Alumni network by enrolling in an online programme?

    By completing an online diploma with EDHEC Online, you will be joining a professional network that will support you from the first day of your programme at EDHEC and throughout your career.

    Being part of the EDHEC alumni network means:  

    • The opportunity to meet, communicate, and network with other participants and graduates at various events around the world. 
    • Benefitting from services offered by the school that can contribute to one’s career 
    • Being informed of EDHEC’s educational and research news 

    Please feel free to view our EDHEC alumni network page for more information. 

    Does EDHEC Business School offer any financial aid?

    Financial aid can be a critical factor when it comes to embarking on a master’s programme. All candidates who are accepted are automatically considered for financial aid (payment instalments, scholarships, etc.). 

    To get more information, contact our programme advisors. 

    How does EDHEC Online career development program work?

    Designed for online learners and working professionals with evolving goals, YouDrive is a career development program offered by EDHEC Online in all its programs and tailored to our participants professional needs and goals. Through guided introspection and one-on-one sessions with an experienced coach, you will:

    • Improve self-awareness
    • Reflect on your career and define your career goals
    • Identify your strengths and skills to develop further
    • Benefit from the expertise and experience of a coach to achieve your goals
    • Improve your job search
    • Take advantage of networking opportunities

    For more information about our personalized support system, please contact us.

    How much do EDHEC online programmes cost?

    The prices of online courses vary based on their type and duration. We invite you to review our programmes pages to learn about the different tuition fees. 

    How much time should I spend on an e-learning programme?

    The amount of time required to complete an online course varies depending on the programme chosen.  

    For the Master of Science in Corporate Finance, Master of Science in International Business, Master of Science in Data Management & Business Analytics, 10 to 15 hours of work per week are expected.

    For the Corporate Finance certificate, we recommend 7-9 hours/week, while for the Advanced Strategic Management certificate, 5-7 hours/week of work is required.

    Maintaining a work-life balance is essential and will help ensure participants get the most out of their course. Our programmes are designed so they can adjust their workload to fit their own situation. One benefit of remote work is that learners can fit it into their family and professional lives.

    To find out more about the specifics of our online training courses, see our programme pages. 

    What are the admission requirements for an EDHEC Online programmes? 

    Depending on the diploma or certificate you are applying for, certain prerequisites must be met. Our eligibility criteria always take into account your previous academic credentials (initial training), professional experience, professional goals, and motivations. To find out more about all the prerequisites for each of our programmes, visit the pages dedicated to our online diplomas and certificates:

      What are the differences between online and in-person diplomas? 

      There is no difference between the in-person and online diplomas since both formats offer the same level of academic excellence and personalised support. The format of the course is not mentioned on the diploma.  

      What is distance learning?

      Online training, e-learning, or distance learning is a variant of in-person learning that uses the internet and information and communication technologies. This teaching format allows participants to do coursework at their own pace, at any time, and to access learning content from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.

      E-learning offers them the opportunity to get training without taking time off from work or as they create a business. As such, it is a great way to balance a participant’s professional, personal, and educational lives.

      Fill in this contact form to find out more about how online learning works at EDHEC. Our advisors are there to guide you.

      What is the admission process?

      To register for one of our online programmes, there are 4 main steps

      • An interview with one of our programme advisors to review your goals and check your eligibility. Make an appointment now. 
      • An application form to fill in 
      • Your application will then be reviewed by the admission committee made up of our programme directors. If you are admitted, you must then sign your contract and make your first payment. 

      Some courses may have other requirements to complete the admission process (additional interviews, tests, etc.). To learn the requirements for each of our distance learning programmes, go to the relevant page:

         For further information on our admission process or on our distance learning programmes, please contact us by filling in this form. 

        What is the value of an online degree?

        An online diploma has the same value as an in-person diploma. The diploma received is an official recognition of the training, supported by documentary evidence, and provides proof of the knowledge and skills acquired.

        At the end of an online course with EDHEC, you will receive a diploma from a Business School ranked #7 in Europe (Financial Times 2022 ranking) and with a triple accreditation (EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA). This guarantees the academic excellence of the programmes, the quality of the teaching staff, as well as its close ties to companies. 

        As with any graduation from an in-person programme, EDHEC Online organises official graduation ceremonies, in person on one of its campuses, to bring together the graduates, professors, coaches, mentors and all that have contributed to their learning experience.

        What level of study can EDHEC Online programmes offer? 

        EDHEC Online delivers diplomas at different levels (Bachelor and Master) as well as certificates (short courses). All these courses are delivered by a world-class business school that is recognized worldwide for the quality of its training.

        To learn about which diplomas are offered for each course, please visit the relevant programme pages:

          Who are EDHEC Online programmes for?

          Our distance learning programmes are aimed at professionals, whether they are at the beginning of their careers or experienced managers, who wish to go back to school to improve their skills, develop their career, create their own company, or retrain. 

          Why register for an online course at EDHEC Online?

          Founded in 1906, EDHEC has trained generations of leaders, decision makers, and professionals in the global economy and management. Since 2004, the school has positioned itself as a pioneer in online courses, offering diploma programmes  to managers and future managers. Today, we are putting this expertise to good use through an innovative pedagogical approach to online learning. 

          At EDHEC Online, learners interact with a core team composed of teachers, mentors, coaches… And of course, the other participants in the class! Our online degrees are designed to create a real group dynamic and a true cohort spirit. 

          The courses are designed by EDHEC faculty and learning designers using carefully developed scenarios specifically for the online format.

          In addition to videos, EDHEC online courses include up to 50 types of activities: quizzes, virtual classes, downloadable resources, multiple choice tests, case studies, group work, etc. The diversity of tools and content offered on our online Campus enables learners to engage in a proactive and effective learning process.

          Learning is organised into 3 levels of interaction: individual to work at one’s own pace (asynchronous), in a learning group (4 to 5 people) to exchange good practices and work on case studies, and finally with a whole class (synchronous).

          Taking part in an EDHEC online programme also means having access to courses from other world-renowned schools and universities, such as ESMT Berlin and Imperial College, members of the FOME Alliance (co-founded by EDHEC). 

          For all these reasons, studying at EDHEC Online is a great opportunity for those who wish to boost their career and strengthen their skills.