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EDHEC - Top distance learning centre

Developing your skills is an important part of your career development. The internet has made it easier for employees to obtain new qualifications. Are you looking for a top distance learning centre? EDHEC offers several distance learning programmes and certificates designed for working professionals. If you are interested, you will find here all our programmes and all the information you need to know before starting your course. Choose the online programme that suits your professional project!

Our distance learning centre’s programmes

How does a distance learning centre work?

What is a distance learning centre?

A distance learning centre is a school or university that offers full time or part-time courses for people who cannot attend in-person programmes. Classes are held over the Internet and involve personal work at home.

The diplomas and certificates that you will receive have the exact same value as if you attended in-person classes.

How to apply to a distance learning centre?

The application to a distance learning centre is not much different from an in-person programme. Everything can be done online. First, you will have to submit an application form with your personal data and to send relevant documents. Then, upon reviewing your application, the admission team will contact you for a formal interview to discuss your project and its adequation to the programme.

Your application will be approved if you can demonstrate that you have the right profile to join. Each programme has different prerequisites and your current qualifications, your work experience, your goals and motivations will all be taken into account.

How do you learn?

Once you have joined the programme, you will start attending classes. At EDHEC Business School, all programmes are organised in the same way, with minor variations from course to course.

You will follow different modules, each with deliverables to be completed individually or in a group. You will not be left alone, as weekly meetings and workshops are scheduled. You will also be able to interact with other students through chat tools and a dedicated Slack group. EDHEC aims to maintain a link between the students and with the professors. Distance learning doesn’t mean lonesome learning and group work and interactions are actively encouraged. The distance learning platforms are available 24/7.

The weekly workload varies according to the programme, but in all cases, the emphasis is put on maintaining your work/life balance. You can expect to have to work between 5-7 and 10-15 hours per week.

Who are the professors?

The teaching staff is the same as for in-person programmes. You will have multiple professors, who are specialists in their fields. Many of them hold a Ph. D.

You will learn with professors, but also with working professionals from large companies (such as L’Oréal, Société Générale) or startups and SMBs. They will share their practical experience with you, making the programmes perfectly in touch with current business needs and trends. You can find out more about our faculty on the programme pages.

To improve your experience, you will also have an academic mentor that will support you throughout the programme.

Types of programmes

Online MScs

An MSc (Master of Science) is a master’s level course that is dedicated to STEM and social sciences such as management. It is a widely-recognised programme offered by many institutions, including business schools, for students and professionals who want to acquire advanced skills in their domain.

When it comes to distance learning for professionals, these programmes are the longest to complete. At EDHEC Business School, they last 18 months. They are the best choice if you want to get an in-depth knowledge of a large subject.

Our distance learning centre offers 4 online MSc programmes:

MOOCs and open programmes

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is an online course open to anyone, with no limit on the number of participants. There can be several sessions spread over months.
For example, with our distance learning centre, you can choose programmes that include 35 hours of class over 5 weeks. The total duration can vary considerably depending on the programme and subject.

With EDHEC Business School, you can pursue 4 different MOOCs:

Most of these programmes require you to apply through Coursera.

Online certificates

An online certificate is a short programme created by distance learning centres. The duration of the course, usually less than a year, is an advantage for professionals who want to develop their skills in the shortest possible time. These programmes are usually focused on a specific topic. This is the perfect choice if you want to develop a particular skill quickly.

EDHEC Business School offers 2 online certificate courses:

How to be sure of a distance learning centre’s quality?

One of the best ways to ensure that a distance learning centre is recognised is to check if it is accredited. There are several organisations that can attest the quality of a school and its programmes. International rankings are also a good indicator of a programme’s quality. For example, EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA all recognise EDHEC’s diplomas and the Financial Times has ranked our school in the top 10 European Business School in 2022.

The teaching staff is also important. By how will classes be held and what kind of support can you expect? As mentioned before, at EDHEC Business School, our professors will provide you with constant and personal support to help you achieve your goal. You won’t be left alone in front of your screen. Thanks to this support system, the success rate of our online programmes is 96%!

Choose EDHEC

EDHEC is a pioneer in distance learning: we co-founded International Future of Management Education (FOME) with Imperial College London and multiple world-renowned universities and schools.

EDHEC is the perfect distance learning centre for professionals who wish to develop high-end skills in business management and finance. With our varied offer and personalised support, you will benefit from programmes that will help you achieve your goal and advance in your career.