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Key learning objectives

  • Identify and interpret signals of change and overcome common obstacles to strategic thinking
  • Build a portfolio of actions that allow you to adapt over the short, medium and long term
  • Apply tools and frameworks to move from strategy to action at pace

Online Executive Certificate Strategic Foresight


This is a balanced programme that combines academic content with practical tools for making sense of complexity and uncertainty. This programme is for General managers of medium-sized companies, Senior managers and leaders in public sector and third sector organisations facing disruptive changes in their environment, Senior functional or divisional managers, consultants, researchers or scholars interested in the areas of strategy, transformation and innovation.

35h in total spread over 5 weeks

Why foresight matters

Explain the power of principles for thinking in the future in a transient
advantage economy

Scan for signals

Identify, interpret and prioritise signals of change in complex systems

Develop scenarios

Build powerful scenario narratives while actively managing diverse stakeholder perspectives

Craft strategies

Systematically develop alternative
strategies that can robustly challenge industry norms

Build a portfolio of actions

Prepare for executing through a consistent set of actions over time


  • 1 live session per week for 5 weeks (Standard)
  • With an additional 5 hours of coaching to be used for up to 5 weeks after the course formally ends (Premium)
  • The platform remains accessible for one year after
    course completion.

Find out more

Embark with us on

  • How do you as a transformation leader take advantage from thinking long-term in today’s environment?
  • In a world of immediate gratification, what is the value of taking a long-term view?
  • Why does it matter more now than ever?

Watch the replay of this Webinar to embark on these questions with Professor Karin Kollenz and Camelia Ram.

Our participants


Our participants come from around the world and have an average of 10 years of professional experience in roles from strategy to business development to corporate finance. The program enables them to develop their skills in Strategic Foresight in order to build Foresight departments in current or future companies.

Rozenn Baccon


Great course to take a truly systemic and out-of-the-box view on one’s strategy. Very useful for both established firms and entrepreneurs. I loved the international experience and exchange on what works in different cultures.

Luke McKee



I did my MBA in 2015, where I had a course on strategic foresight and started applying it for preparing innovation reports. I can see how this course enables me to make my future projects even more valuable to my organization.



  • A minimum of 3 years of management experience recommended
  • Good command of working English

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Tuition fees

Tuition fees

1,995 € + VAT* for Standard
3,495€ + VAT* for Premium**


* 2022 prices. Subject to change.

**With 5 hours of project coaching. Project coaching is offered for groups no more than 5 from the same company, or for individuals, who seek tailored support on an aspect of strategic foresight. The budget of 5 hours can be allocated as the group/individual wishes and can be used for up to 5 weeks after the course formally ends. For groups, we recommend that each coaching session is a minimum of 2 hours. For individuals, we recommend that each coaching session is a minimum of 1 hour.


Project Manager

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