Introduction to EdTech


Key learning objectives

SuperCharger Ventures and EDHEC Business School are delighted to announce the world’s 1st EdTech MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) led by global industry experts and leading academics. The MOOC will provide a foundational understanding of EdTech and is open to all. The MOOC will be taught by a combination of academic and practitioners as well as feature prominent guest speakers to illustrate the content with practical examples. EdTech, short for Education Technology, is one of the most exciting sectors in the economy today poised to re-shape how education systems work and how people learn around the world. After this course you will:

  • Understand the key components of EdTech and how EdTech can be applied within institutions, in class and in our daily life
  • Understand the key drivers behind the rise of new EdTech solutions, learning methodologies and business models
  • Understand how new technologies and business models are shaping the way learning is delivered and consumed

Introduction to EdTech MOOC

In this course, through a series of video lectures, expert interviews, case studies, and assessments you will learn about the major areas of EdTech including Alternative & Digital Education, Hybrid Learning, Challenger Universities, Learning Apps, How Institutions can apply EdTech, as well as, the core technologies driving EdTech including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data and AR/VR. You will learn from leading academics and global experts who will share real-life examples about the innovations, technology and policies driving the transformation of education. This MOOC is offered via the Coursera platform.

Structured in four modules, the course will cover

Foundations of EdTech

Digital and Alternative Education

EdTech for Institutions

AI in Education

Participants & Faculty

The course aims to become a reference for all those educators, investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the field who face the need to grasp the fundamentals of the new technologies, trends, business and learning models that are shaping how education is designed and delivered.

The course is led and taught by SuperCharger Ventures with Alessandro Di Lullo, Janos Barberis and Tamas Haiman (Co-Founders) and EDHEC Business School with Benoit Arnaud (Dean of Programs), Arne De Keyser (Associate Professor of Marketing), and Roland Fines (Chief Technology Officer at EDHEC Online).

Prominent experts involved in the program include leading academics and global practitioners such as:

  • Deborah Quazzo, Managing Director at GSV Ventures
  • Mayank Kumar, Co-Founder & MD at upGrad
  • Maria Spies, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at HolonIQ
  • Pedro Vasconcellos, VP of Ventures & Strategic Investments at Pearson
  • Attila Gazdag, President at Albert Whitman Media
  • Neil Allison, VP of Strategy & Transformation at The Adecco Group
  • Nick Berniville, Director of EdTech Lab at ESMT Berlin
  • David Wood, Faculty in Operations at Ivey Business School
  • Douglas Arner, Kerry Holdings Professor in Law at University of Hong Kong
  • Beth Porter, Co-Founder of Riff Analytics
  • Will Fan, CEO & Head of School at NewCampus
  • Claudia Ocera, Instructional Technologist at ESMT Berlin
  • Roselva Tunstall, Project Lead at the EdTech Lab at ESMT Berlin
  • Kai Liang, Head of Business Development at MEL Science
  • Olli Vallo, CEO at Education Alliance Finland
  • Giorgio Bordiga, Media Designer at ESMT Berlin
  • Olivia de Paeztron, Senior Learning Designer at ESMT Berlin


How to apply ?

  • No prior experience required
  • More information on Coursera website

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