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With the FOME alliance, EDHEC on the leading edge of EdTech

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The QS Reimagine Education Awards took place on December 9th and 10th, in London – hosted by QS, the largest higher education network in the world. On this occasion, the FOME (Future of Management Education) alliance, founded by Imperial College and of which EDHEC is a member along with 7 other business schools, was awarded two prestigious prizes for its EdTech achievements.

Edtech - EDHEC et Fome remportent 2 prix à Reimagine Education

Every year, the QS Reimagine Education Awards reward innovative educational projects that transform learning and employability across the world. This year, more than 1,500 educational innovators from 39 countries were competing. Shortlisted projects were showcased in London, to a global audience of 500 educational leaders.

Two awards for the FOME Alliance

In the “Business Education” category, the gold medal went to the FOME alliance – an EdTech partnership initiated by Imperial College that brings together 8 international business schools, including EDHEC Business School with ESMT Berlin, IE Madrid, BI Norwegian Business School, SMU Singapore, Ivey Business School and Melbourne Business School. The FOME alliance was also awarded a silver medal in the “E-learning” category, for its 100% online learning platform, of which EDHEC Online is the French version.

“One year after announcing the launch of the FOME alliance, EDHEC Online gets global recognition as a key player in education and online lifelong learning. Together, we are inventing the future of education, with new technologies and an innovative platform.” Benoit Arnaud, EDHEC Online Director

EDHEC Business School at the heart of an international EdTech partnership revolutionizing online learning

FOME’s goal is clear: to make the high-level content produced by member business schools accessible to as many people as possible, through a high-quality online learning experience.
To do so, it has developed a shared learning platform and cutting edge technologies, such as augmented social learning for online group work, a hologram for professors to teach in schools on the other side of the world, or adaptive learning – artificial intelligence-based systems generating a personalized learning experience. This model is fully aligned with EDHEC’s ambition to create online training programs that meet the needs of learners from all around the world.

Tomorrow’s EdTech: towards the co-construction of online diploma courses

Thanks to an agile mode of governance, the FOME alliance fosters a constant sharing of EdTech best practices. It’s this spirit of continuous innovation that earned it the recognition of the QS Reimagine Education EdTech experts. And tomorrow? In the short-term, FOME wants to go further and offer learners the possibility to choose a diploma course that will be co-constructed by several member schools – a prime example of the way EdTech is pushing the borders of learning, at all levels.

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