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Discussing the role of corporate finance in organizations with Gohar Stepanyan, Academic Director of EDHEC Online MSc in Corporate Finance

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In the digital era and at a time of social, societal and environmental changes, companies are tackling their next challenge: how to improve business performance without sacrificing long-term value creation.

In order to train professionals to take a holistic approach in financial decision-making so they can make a decisive impact on a company’s strategic decisions, EDHEC Business School has recently launched an intensive Online Master of Science in Corporate Finance.

Gohar Stepanyan EDHEC

In this interview, Gohar Stepanyan, Academic Director of this new online MSc, introduces the program, its business-oriented approach, and the job opportunities it leads to.


How are finance and its job roles within organizations evolving in today’s business world?

In the current age of fast-paced technological innovations, environmental crises and socio-economic transformations, coupled with increased demands for sustainability, corporations face various challenges. Those put new pressures on financial decision-makers in terms of formulating proactive strategies that will allow their organizations to improve corporate financial performance, without compromising long-term or sustainable value creation for all stakeholders. Therefore, corporate finance tools and practices must evolve to respond to these challenges. 

Thinking and acting with a short-term perspective, using traditional tools and techniques is not effective any more. Finance people must interact with and are influenced by various actors and entities, understanding that long-term survival of any business depends on the co-operation and shared vision of all functional areas within the enterprise (strategy, accounting, marketing, sales, supply chain/operations, etc.).


Why launch an Online MSc in Corporate Finance?

One of the main reasons students choose to join online programs is the flexibility offered to many young and mid-career professionals who want to advance their careers while continuing to work full-time. Such programs allow participants to acquire essential skills and knowledge and complete a specialized, advanced degree program outside the traditional classroom setting. 

Teaching and learning takes place in a virtual space, often at the students’ own pace, thus allowing them to study whenever they like. If they need to take a short break, they can simply ‘leave’ the course for a while and join later, still making sure that they complete that particular session within the required timeframe.

Moreover, participants can apply and enter such programs from various locations worldwide, bringing with them a diverse range of skills, knowledge, opinions and ideas, thus enhancing each other’s learning.


Who is this Master of Science for?

EDHEC’s new Online Master of Science in Corporate Finance program is an 18-month program designed for working professionals who want to acquire specialized skills and competences in modern Corporate Finance.

Program participants will learn how to take a holistic view of the corporation and its objectives in order to make a decisive impact in the current age of disruption.


What skills will you develop thanks to this online program in corporate finance?

Studying online fosters discipline, self-control and inner motivation as you need to organize your time and complete or submit your work on your own — although there are several moments of team work in this cohort-based program.

This learning environment combines both independence and collaboration as online programs not only raise personal accountability but also require communication skills, whenever a participant takes part in a group work.

Fully online programs also prepare program participants for the real world, where more and more business meetings take place virtually and working in a hybrid environment becomes the norm. 

Learning how to manage your time, holding yourself accountable, and knowing how to use online collaborative tools can set you apart from your colleagues and give you hands-on experience that will be useful in your career.


What makes this MSc different from other finance programs?

EDHEC Business School is a top-tier business school, internationally renowned in the field of finance. It is currently ranked as one of the Top 10 business schools in Europe. Academic reputation of the degree-granting institution is important as potential program participants seek to ensure internationally-recognized certification of their credentials.

Our program participants will have an opportunity to learn from experienced academics and industry practitioners who deliver courses in EDHEC’s various programs as well as benefit from course offerings through our partner institutions such as Imperial College Business School of London.

They will also have access to individualized career coaching services allowing them to plan and work towards their professional growth and advancement.


What kind of job roles and career opportunities can you expect to take on after this MSc in Corporate Finance?

The program offers a wide range of career possibilities in diverse areas, from corporate finance & accounting to consulting and business development, in positions such as mergers and acquisitions analyst, sales manager, project manager in private equity, financial auditor, financial analyst, credit analyst, consultant, etc.


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