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9 AI Productivity Tools to Work & Study More Effectively

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is starting to transform the business world and education sector. This exciting new technology offers an incredible range of opportunities, from cancer screening and environmental conservation to helping us be more productive while working or studying.

With the industry booming, more and more AI tools are being released, including a range of apps to support you to work faster.

We’ve rounded up the top AI productivity tools to help you work or study more efficiently and effectively.

AI productivity tools

Best AI Productivity Tools to Work Faster

These AI tools will help you to work faster and be more effective, both at work and when studying.

1. Mem

Mem is an impressive note-taking tool that helps you organise your notes, making it easier to find the most relevant information when you need it. This is highly useful for both work and study, as there’s no need to spend time going through your lecture or meeting notes. Instead just ask Mem any question, and if the answer is your notes, the AI will find it! You can also save links or tweets so that you can recall them later.

2. Reclaim

If you face challenges keeping organised and establishing habits, Reclaim is for you! The automated scheduling app tells you the best time to schedule meetings, tasks, and appointments, and guides you when to take breaks. It can help you stick to habits by automatically scheduling recurring habits, fitting them in at the optimal time around the rest of your commitments. It can also sync multiple calendars – a really handy feature for teams, or people balancing work and study.

3. Clockwise

This AI scheduling tool is great for keeping teams organised and working more efficiently, whether in the workplace or for group study projects. Clockwise can automatically fix schedule conflicts, moving meetings to the optimal time, and block out uninterrupted time to focus on projects. The app also integrates with project management tools like Asana and Slack to minimise distractions when you’re doing focused work. 

4. Dragon Speech Recognition Tool from Nuance

Nuance’s Dragon Speech recognition tool is an education speech to text tool that will put your spoken words into writing. This is an essential function for students who struggle with writing, and can also make studying more efficient no matter your needs. It creates natural compositions with you needing to type or focus on spelling, so you’ll be able to work faster.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is more than just a spell checker. It can also detect issues with tone and complex language structure problems, offering alternatives you can choose from. This will help you to be more efficient by saving time on proofreading, freeing you up to craft that perfect essay, email, or report. One of the big pluses of Grammarly is that it works across all your desktop applications and sites, so you’ll constantly have that support no matter what you’re working on.

6. Sane Box

If you feel overwhelmed by your inbox, you’re not alone: one survey found that 67% of people feel overwhelmed by emails, with a staggering 82% reporting missing important emails due to a crowded inbox.

Lucky, Sane Box is here to help. It will organise your inbox for you, making sure you only have to deal with the emails you actually need to see. You can train this smart email assistant to ensure that it keeps important emails in your inbox and files the rest.

7. Otter AI Chat

Otter AI Chat is a handy note-taking tool that records your meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, generating a summary in real time. You won’t need to take notes, not only saving you time, but also making sure you can listen better and contribute more. You could also use the tool to review notes from meetings or online classes that you miss. You can even connect Otter to your calendar so it will automatically record your meetings.

8. Notion AI

Notion has long been used by teams to help them collaborate and work more efficiently. It’s recently introduced AI features that will help you to work even faster, such as features that take your notes, summarise them, pull out the key takeaways, and instantly generate action items. Notion also has an AI writing assistant that gives you suggestions to improve your tone, style, spelling, and grammar, or even translate your words into other languages.

9. Fireflies

Fireflies is another AI tool that can help you work faster by not only taking notes from meetings or online classes, but also making sense of them. The meeting assistant and transcription tool can record, transcribe and analyse voice, video, and audio, as well as summarising and searching the notes. You can also integrate this tool with other apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Aircall, and Zoom.

Optimise your Online Study with AI

AI productivity tools can be useful in a range of contexts, and are especially apt for online study. Studying remotely relies heavily on online classes, virtual meetings, and other digital technologies that integrate perfectly with AI-based tools. 

Making good use of tools like the ones listed above will allow you to learn faster, absorb more knowledge, and create better projects.

Not to mention, by working faster and more effectively, you’ll find it easier than ever to balance further education with your work and personal commitments.

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