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Your Digital Campus Unveiled

EDHEC Online Campus:
Your Digital Campus Unveiled

The EDHEC Online Campus offers a premier digital learning environment for EDHEC online programmes and certificates, embodying academic excellence et innovation and providing a high-touch immersive experience. 

This mobile-first virtual campus, accessible 24/7, serves as a classroom, dashboard, exam hall, and forum for dialogue, allowing learners to engage with courses, manage their study time, and interact with faculty and peers throughout their distance learning journey. 

A Tailored Learning Experience on a Virtual Campus 

Dedicated entirely to the learner, the EDHEC Online Campus is a powerful integrated educational platform that delivers a personalised learning experience. It combines a diverse array of pedagogical activities and resources, from videos and written resources to quizzes and instructional activities, encouraging you to embark on your learning pathway proactively and effectively. 

Our programmes are specifically crafted for the online format by EDHEC faculty and our partners within the FOME Alliance, a network of the best institutions in the world, top-ranked by the Financial Times. EDHEC Online campus, powered by Insendi, incorporates the insights of educational engineers, videographers, designers, and developers, and allows us to deliver a personalised, interactive and high-touch learning experience.


More about the FOME Alliance

“Anywhere, Anytime, At Your Pace” 

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each learner, EDHEC provides all necessary tools and content to ensure an optimal learning experience. The platform emphasizes flexibility, accessible 24/7 on multiple devices, supporting both online and offline study time. 

Digital tools to reinforce engagement and interactions 

On EDHEC Online Campus, you experience different e-learning methods, live with all participants and at your own pace, on your own time. Numerous tools are at your disposal to facilitate your learning journey: 

  • Messaging: Through Slack, enjoy instant messaging to converse with fellow participants and the academic team, including your Academic Mentor and Coach. 
  • Live Classes: Experience the rhythm of weekly interactive videoconference sessions, crafted to replicate the authentic classroom experience. 
  • Diverse Resources: Access a wealth of additional readings, videos, podcasts, and quizzes to deepen your course understanding and track your progress.

Innovative Distance Learning Pedagogy 

As a co-founder of the FOME International Alliance, EDHEC is pioneering 100% online certified and diploma-awarding programmes that incorporate varied and innovative content formats, preparing managers for the new business challenges ahead. 

Technological Innovations for Personalised Learning

With a commitment to adapting to individual learning styles and career progression needs, EDHEC Online leverages cutting-edge technology, including AI, to offer tailored educational paths. This initiative is part of EDHEC’s mission to impact future generations positively in a rapidly changing world. 

Adaptive learning utilises AI to tailor the educational experience to each learner’s profile and career needs, maximising programme effectiveness and preventing dropout. 

Micro-learning focuses on short, engaging content formats suitable for mobile learning, incorporating social and interactive elements. 

Social learning emphasises community and interaction in online education, ensuring learners don’t feel isolated. 

These approaches highlight the evolution towards dynamic, customised learning experiences facilitated by technology. 

On EDHEC Online Campus, you will be able to:

  • Dive deeper into numerous topics and test your skills
  • Interact directly with your professors, mentors and coaches
  • Discuss and share experiences with your peers