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4 Hidden Advantages of Online Learning You May Have Not Considered

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There are many advantages of online learning, but some are more obvious than others. Here are some misconceptions about online education that may still prevent you from taking the leap, but also some pros that you may not have considered before.


Dispelling Myths About Online Learning

Here are a few common misconceptions about online learning:

Myth #1: Quality of Degree and Education is Lower

Of course, every college has individual standards. You should research the school you’re interested in to find out about their accreditation, graduation rates, and alumni stats to determine if graduates are finding work after school. 

Online programme models are also more easily updated than in-person curriculums, which makes the quality of education up-to-date and consistent with, if not better than, in-person learning. 

EDHEC has triple accreditation and regularly appears in top rankings worldwide, making it one of the highest-ranked business schools in France and abroad, and guaranteeing its academic expertise, the quality of its teaching faculty, and its close links with businesses.

advantages of online learning

Myth #2: Online Learning Isn’t Collaborative

The thought of spending your education alone at home might feel daunting at first. But the truth is, you’re never really alone if you’re enrolled in a quality online learning programme

EDHEC Online programmes entails virtual classrooms and interactive learning, discussion forums, and many opportunities to connect with classmates, professors, coaches and mentors via the online collaborative platform. 

Myth #3: Employers Don’t Like Online Degrees and Certificates

Sure, an employer might not like to see a certificate from a college that’s not accredited or known to fall behind in quality. But if you obtain an online degree or certificate from a renowned programme, employers will accept it just as they would an in-person programme. 

Take it from our students — many of them describe in their testimonials how useful our online business programmes were in their current roles or in obtaining more advanced ones. 

“The programme helps me understand how I can use Big Data, AI, Analytics, Digital and Disruptive technologies in my industry. It’s quite exciting and I’m enjoying it a lot so far!” said Erdem Cinar, currently pursuing EDHEC Online Master in Data Management & Business Analytics.

Now, let’s dive into the advantages of online learning.


Advantages of Online Learning

Ready to find out how you can benefit from online learning? Take a look at the four benefits below. 

Advantage #1: Diverse Cohort

If you attend a local college, you’ll likely see the same kinds of people you’ve known your whole life. Of course, everyone is diverse in their own way and there will be some international students; however, your local college isn’t accessible to as many people as online learning programmes. 

For example, EDHEC Business School is internationally recognised not only for its high-quality programmes and excellence, but also its diversity. Our cosmopolitan ecosystem includes students from all ethnicities and backgrounds, with 35% of our cohort being international students

Furthermore, our alumni network of 50,000 graduates spans across 130 countries. EDHEC’s online Master of Science in International Business Management has students of 26 different nationalities, for instance. 

Greater diversity in the online classroom makes students feel more confident, safe, and accepted. The networking opportunities are also more extensive — especially in a business field, where you may connect with new partners or clients across the world from your alumni network


Advantage #2: Better Access to Education

One of the biggest barriers to college is affordability. While tuition costs don’t always decrease with online learning, affordability is one of the advantages of online learning. For example, you don’t have to pay for room and board to attend a college across the EU or anywhere else in the world.

Increased affordability in rent and transportation through online learning helps create better access to education

Another way online learning promotes better access to education is through improved school-life balance. When you save time from commuting, you can continue to work either full-time or part-time, take care of your family, or simply enjoy more hobbies for better life satisfaction. 


Advantage #3: Improved Digital Skills

Most jobs require some digital skills. Whether it’s recordkeeping on Excel, typing on Microsoft Suite, managing database management systems, or simply conducting research — digital skills are essential in the modern workplace. Unfortunately, though, prospective workers lack the necessary digital skills to succeed in many roles. 

For example, one study examining digital literacy in Europe found that a whopping 35% of French citizens don’t have the digital skills required to perform most jobs. 

The solution? High-quality adult learning and vocational training. One of the advantages of online learning is improved digital skills gathered from working, studying, and communicating completely online. 


Advantage #4: More One-on-One Time with Professors

Lecture halls and tutorials aren’t always conducive to one-on-one time between students and professors. Of course, office hours help make up for it, but they aren’t always sufficient. You usually have to plan in advance and compete with other students to secure a slot. 

With online learning, students have increased access to focused, one-on-one time with professors. And, the learning experience is much more personalised. 

For example, many online teaching systems provide professors with analytics and a bird’s eye view of a student’s performance in one place. This convenience makes it easier for professors to spot any downward patterns and quickly address them with students. 

EDHEC’s pedagogical approach to learning offers students 20+ individual and group coaching sessions to work with a professional coach on your career plan and consulting project, as well as academic mentoring to garantee you successfully achieve the programme.

Online learning is the new future, as employers and students alike become more accustomed to the benefits of diversity, flexibility, and new skills offered by distance education.