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Alumni Events: 500+ per year

EDHEC alumni work in more than 4,700 different companies and live in 145 different countries, but they still gather often to reminisce about their time at EDHEC and their careers, families and lives since graduation. Over the course of any given year, EDHEC alumni meet in restaurants, clubs, board rooms and private homes for 500 events a year.

These occasions provide time to connect various generations of EDHEC graduates and to build strong relationships between alumni of different cultural backgrounds. Many alumni post openings through EDHEC’s Career Center online job forum because they want to work with other EDHEC alumni—the bond is that strong !

Online students also benefit from the Alumni network

Online students enrolled in degree programs who are located outside of Europe also benefit from EDHEC’s extensive alumni network. School ambassadors are stationed around the world and regularly host social and professional events.

A sampling of alumni events includes:

  • the annual EDHEC Rendez-Vous,
  • Ambassadors Day,
  • new student Welcome Parties,
  • and Alumni Campus Day.

Online students can also access the EDHEC alumni network to find mentors and study-buddies if they encounter difficulty with a specific subject.