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Uniting and promoting the exchange of information and skills as well as the professional integration of members are the keywords of an Alumni network. The exchange of knowledge and expertise, whether related to a sector, a business, a company, an activity or a project, enables network members to continuously improve their professional skills, to acquire a better global vision of the sector, thus promising a better integration in the work environment.

The idea of this network is to extend the common experience by developing communication and solidarity within the community. The professional network represents career, work placement and business opportunities for those seeking employment, funding or expediency. Moreover, financial assistance can be provided and business angels can be attracted to invest in projects with a promising future.


EDHEC Alumni:  lifelong services

EDHEC Business School has nearly 40,000 graduates in 4,700 companies in 145 countries who gather for 500 events every year. On the other hand, alumni have the opportunity to post a job or a work placement directly on the Career Center’s online forum in order to facilitate the professional integration of new students.

Enrolling in one of EDHEC Online’s diploma program means being a core part of a network that will support you throughout your career thanks to a very rich panel of services grouped into three themes: BUSINESS, CAREER, PEOPLE.

Thus, it offers a large number of opportunities for graduates to stay in contact with their school and fellow graduates while expanding their network to improve their professional opportunities.

Through the various actions carried out by EDHEC Business School and those of its volunteer ambassadors, participants are supported in the development of their professional project. They are also counseled in promoting their careers and business. The diploma is therefore valued by promoting EDHEC through the incredible opportunity represented by the personal and professional successes of the graduates.

EDHEC Online: a core part of the EDHEC Alumni network

EDHEC Online participants benefit from the EDHEC Alumni Network from the very beginning of their continuing education. Joining a community such as EDHEC is an opportunity to join an active network of professionals spread all over the world.

Participants therefore can contact the EDHEC Business School ambassadors, wherever they are in the world. As a result, they have the opportunity to stay in regular contact with graduates. Indeed, former students can serve as role models for participants and are a source of inspiration in the accomplishment of their project. Also, if a candidate experiences academic or professional difficulties, alumni are available to act as mentors.

In addition, with more than 350 events organized by regional and international clubs around the world, participants in EDHEC’s online training courses have the possibility to meet, exchange and network with other participants and graduates at EDHEC Rendez-Vous, BBA Meetings, Welcome Parties, Alumni Campus Day…

Belonging to the EDHEC Alumni community also means receiving up-to-date information about the school through newsletters and electronic mail. Whether it is about the evolution of certificate programs, updates on the school’s development projects or the latest research findings, graduates can keep up to date with EDHEC’s latest news.    

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