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leadership skills

6 Ways an MBA Helps Develop Leadership Skills

Leadership isn't about standing alone above everyone else. To be an excellent leader, you need to work well with others, listen to their opinions, inspire and motivate them, as well as respond to their needs. Getting the best out of your team requires exceptional collaboration skills.

Why Do an MBA? 6 Great Reasons

Not all MBAs are the same — far from it. There’s a wide range of MBA specialisations, so you can choose a programme that will meet your needs and help you pursue your career goals.

Digital Leadership

How to Become a Digital Leader and Embrace Digital Transformation

Leaders of all kinds have a critically important role to play in digital transformation. Managers and executives set the tone for digital transformation, modifying structures or creating new ones as necessary, and fostering the culture necessary for successful transformation.

Strategic Foresight

What is Strategic Foresight and How Does it Work?

As the world becomes ever more interconnected, understanding how different sectors and drivers for change may impact your organisation is more vital than ever.

EDHEC Business School

EDHEC Business School Wins FOME 2023 Learning Design Innovation Awards

EDHEC Business School is proud to announce its first place at FOME 2023 Learning Design Innovation Awards, highlighting the school's commitment to pushing the boundaries of education and embracing innovative pedagogy.

what is business ethics

What is Business Ethics and Why is it Important?

Laws set the minimum ethical values with which companies must comply. All organisations need to make a range of choices beyond what it set out in the law, and so develop their own unique set of business ethics.