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Personalised distance learning support to guarantee your success

You want to advance in your career and are considering joining an online degree program or certificate? EDHEC Online support team is here to guide you during the whole application process and throughout the program thanks to a tailored online coaching and mentoring system.

Choose an EDHEC online program that fits your needs

At EDHEC, our distance learning support and coaching system starts with our first conversation. We know that your decision to acquire new skills and return to school isn’t one to be taken lightly. You need to choose the program that best fits your professional goals and career plan.

That’s why our online program advisors are here to help you define your professional project and determine the best online degree or certificate for you. They accompany you during the whole admission process: from building a strong application to finding financial aid and finalizing your enrollment.

Unleash your potential thanks to personalised career coaching and academic support

A coaching and mentoring system is an important part of business and management studies, especially when it comes to online learning. Academic support and mentoring allows you to capitalize on skills you are gaining in real time, and help you to successfully complete your program. EDHEC additionally provides career coaching to help you create a tailored career plan, including the necessary steps for achieving his or her professional goals.

According to a recent survey of conducted by Opinion Way, managers and young professionals expect a solid and regular support system throughout their online program in order to succeed, including:

  • personalised support sessions (93%)
  • a collaborative platform (84%)
  • group work sessions (68%)
  • online coaching sessions with a professional (40%)

Student support, the core of EDHEC online learning approach

For its online degrees and certificates, EDHEC has developed a pedagogical approach based on the notion of proximity to adapt to the needs of each participant and to build a collaborative learning community. 

Throughout your online training program, you will benefit from customized distance support at the academic level, to help you organize and succeed in your learning path until graduation, and at the professional level, to help you realize your career plan.

We observe a 96% success rate in our online programs thanks to our support system.

The support system is included in all EDHEC Business School distance learning degree programs, with:

TRANSFORM360: The MBA personalised Leadership Development Program

To prepare students for professional life beyond the Online MBA, EDHEC has developed a dynamic personal and career development program designed to help each student reach his/her full potential

Transform360 combines theory, practice, self-awareness, observation, and personal reflection. It is a guided programme that each student completes as part of the Online MBA. This programme is designed to enhance students’ awareness of the critical soft leadership skills and emotional intelligence, which are the hallmarks of inspirational leaders.

Students will participate in workshops, individual and collective coaching sessions, and other tailored assignments that are proven to support each student through the difficult processes of understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, finding focus and intention for career development and opportunities, and inspiring one’s full potential.

Upon program completion, Online MBA students will be more prepared to rise the challenges of leadership in an ever-evolving business climate that demands more than just business acumen—one that demands leadership that inspires, develops, and leads teams (remotely and in person) with focus and mindfulness.

YouDrive: The career development program

Designed for online learners and working professionals with evolving goals, YouDrive is a career development program offered by EDHEC Online in all its programs and tailored to our participants professional needs and goals. Through guided introspection and one-on-one sessions with an experienced coach, you will:

  • Improve self-awareness
  • Reflect on your career and define your career goals
  • Identify your strengths and skills to develop further
  • Benefit from the expertise and experience of a coach to achieve your goals
  • Improve your job search
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities

In each diploma program, you are followed by an experienced coach to help you think about your career goals. You benefit from :

  • 6 hours for the Masters of Science (individual sessions)
  • 11 hours of coaching for the Bachelor of Science (individual and group sessions)
  • 15 hours for the Executive Master Program Manager (individual and group sessions)

The academic mentor

Academic Mentors support you throughout the entirety of your online learning. They lead virtual classes at the end of each section of the course and answer, in real-time, any questions that you have about your classes.

EDHEC Online mentoring support

The student support team

Each online program has a dedicated team to help you navigate through the program successfully and answer any questions related to your courses and schedules.

“Having coaching sessions was very important to me. The classes allowed me to strengthen the foundation I acquired during my Bachelor’s degree. But it is especially all this reflection that EDHEC allows me to have on my career and on the future that is useful to me.”

Chloe Simon, participant in the Online MSc in International Business Management

From Day 1, join an extensive network of alumni

When you enroll in an online program at EDHEC, from day 1 you are part of the 54,000+ alumni network. EDHEC alumni work in more than 4,500 different companies and live in 130 different countries. School ambassadors are stationed around the world and regularly host social and professional events.

These occasions provide time to connect various generations of EDHEC graduates and to build strong relationships between alumni of different cultural backgrounds. Many alumni post job openings through EDHEC’s Career Center online job forum because they want to work with other EDHEC alumni.