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Unlock your potential to shape the future of responsible innovation

In the current fast-paced hyper-digital environment, change-makers will encounter unprecedented challenges. The EDHEC Online MBA goes beyond the traditional classroom. It’s a transformative learning journey that combines cutting-edge research insights, real-world businesses cases, immersive learning experiences, and personalised leadership coaching and development.

You will gain fresh perspectives and profound insights into current and emerging topics, allowing you to think critically and develop the skills and mindset you need to drive sustainable innovation, lead with confidence and make a positive impact on the future of business. You will delve into a world where you not only adapt to change but also shape it, to become a leader of tomorrow.

    Why join the Online MBA?

    You will develop a rich understanding of business fundamentals and the challenges facing the leaders of tomorrow.

    Discover the Online MBA programme:

    A 24-month learning journey, entirely in English

    The Online MBA will prepare you to:


    • Master digital leadership strategies empowering you to lead with confidence in a data-driven business world
    • Integrate sustainability into your strategic decisions to align your organisation with responsible and eco-conscious practices
    • Embrace strategic innovation to foster a mindset that is proactive in responding to evolving market challenges and opportunities
    • Develop your critical-thinking in a business environment that is profoundly influenced by digital transformation and sustainability challenges

    How does the programme work ?


    • 18 months of core business fundamental courses
    • 3-month specialisation track in either Strategic Foresight & Innovation or Finance of Climate Change & Sustainable Investing
    • 3-month Entrepreneurship project
    • 2 seminar series for further enrichment
    • 2 learning expeditions to meet and learn from renowned professionals from around the globe
    • Transform360 leadership and professional development programme 
    • Consulting project

      From strategy to leadership: Explore complex topics


      6 modules of core courses:

      • Strategic Macroeconomics for Managers
      • Strategy in a Fast-Moving Business World
      • Marketing Strategy in the Digital Era
      • Finance & Management Accounting
      • Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
      • Digital Leadership-Managing People in the Digital Age

      Explore critical business topics such as Criminal Risk Management, Ethical & Legal Risk Management, and Green Finance & Climate Change Challenges in specialised seminars.

      Specialisation track


      Gain a unique knwoledge advantage and a deeper expertise by choosing the 3-month track that best fits your objectives:

      • Strategic Foresight & Innovation in collaboration with the EDHEC Foresight, Innovation & Transformation Chair 
      • Finance of Climate Change & Sustainable Investing in collaboration with the EDHEC Risk Climate Impact Institute (ERCII)

      Your personalised Leadership Development Programme


      To prepare you for professional life beyond the Online MBA, EDHEC has developed Transform360, a dynamic personal and professional development programme tailored to meet each participants needs and objectives. It is the unique result of occupational, leadership and management-development expertise to create a truly transformational experience.

      Leveraging interactive teaching sessions, reflective exercises, group coaching, and individual guidance, it enables participants to develop their self-management, strategic, functional and relational abilities. Both a highly personalised and collective journey, Transform 360 emphasises the importance of continuous improvement and encourages participants to question, challenge, and explore every aspect of their career and leadership development.

      Participants can harness their full potential and transform both on a personal and a professional level in order to become the inspiring leader they aspire to be and confidently embark on the next phase of their journey.

      Find out more

      Seminar Series

      The Online MBA features two seminar series during the first 18 months of the programme.

      • Spotlight Seminar Series: a unique opportunity for students to have knowledge-sharing sessions with EDHEC’s leading research faculty who will share insights on hot topics facing businesses.
      • Management & Leadership Seminar Series: additional sessions to the personalised Transform360 programme to further develop entrepreneurial thinking and leadership skills.

      Learning Expeditions

      The Online MBA includes two learning expeditions—both of which are outstanding networking opportunities and the chance to meet and learn from renowned professionals from around the globe: 

      • Online Learning Visio Expedition: Awarded the Silver Award Innovation & Learning Design in 2022 by the FOME Alliance Conference, this business simulation with leaders from a real-world company is a highly immersive experience,
      • In-person Learning Expedition: You will gain exposure and hands-on experience with the day-to-day operations of a business.

      Entrepreneurship Project

      During this 3-month project, you will dive into the world of entrepreneurial innovation and gain valuable, actionable insights from an extensive network of international innovation experts. You will choose from either Digital Entrepreneurship or Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

      Consulting Project

      Participants of the Online Master of Business Administration will work with an academic advisor to complete a final report and presentation.

      Join an accredited MBA

      EDHEC offers MBA programmes (Online, Executive, Global) accredited by AMBA, reflecting rigorous teaching and rich content. Only 3% of business schools earn this accreditation, highlighting the programmes’ excellence and selectivity. The Executive MBA ranks in the Financial Times’ Top 30 globally (2023) and first in Alumni Satisfaction. The Global MBA is fourth worldwide by ESG criteria (Financial Times, 2024). Each programme caters to different professional needs with variations in learning modalities, duration, and prerequisites, aiming to accelerate careers and transform leadership.


      Join an MBA Programme at one of Europe’s top 10 Business Schools, according to the Financial Times.

      • 1st Worldwide EMBA for alumni satisfaction – Financial Times 2023
      • TOP 30 EMBA in the world – Financial Times 2023
      • 57th Global MBA in the World – Financial Times 2024
      • ​7th GMBA worldwide for International Mobility – Financial Times 2024

      Your EDHEC Business School diploma

      Upon completion of the programme, you receive a diploma by EDHEC Business School which recognises the level of education received and expertise acquired during the training.

      EDHEC Business School holds a triple accreditation (EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA) and is ranked 7th in Europe (Financial Times 2023 ranking), guaranteeing our participants a nationally and internationally recognised diploma.

      Learn more about our diplomas.

      Who is the Online MBA for? 

      The Online MBA is designed for high-potential modern professionals in a variety of functional business roles who want to advance their career path by sharpening their business acumen, broadening their knowledge of emerging business topics and trends, and developing their leadership skills. 

      bich pham

      Bee PHAM

      Senior Associate, Business Intelligence,  Shopee

      “Following an online program allows me to work and study at the same time. I learn best when I learn by myself, so when I study online, I can pause, and also use all the resources at my disposal.”


      Anna GORDEEVA

      Head of International Documentary Operations Division

      “EDHEC met my 3 main requirements: educational standards, a large alumni network, and the possibility to pursue an online program with an up-to-date and practical curriculum.”

      Online Learning Experience

      Fome Alliance members

      Our Online Campus is a powerful and intuitive platform dedicated to our participants’ online learning journey. Shaped with some of the best institutions in the world, top-ranked by the Financial Times, it allows us to deliver a personalised, interactive and high-touch learning experience.

      Studying online with EDHEC means:

      • Benefiting from the expertise of professors from the best business schools and universities around the world, such as ESMT Berlin, part of the FOME Alliance, as well as industry leaders
      • Experiencing different e-learning methods, live with all participants and at your own pace, on your own time
      • Having access to a wide range of pedagogical activities from videos and written resources to quizzes and instructional activities
      • Using a unique mobile-first online platform available 24/7 to attend virtual classes, pass exams and discuss with classmates, professors, or the programme support team.

      Personalised support to guarantee your success

      The EDHEC Online MBA programme is engineered to fit your needs and schedules. It blends individual coaching with virtual classrooms and one-on-one academic mentorship with innovative global teaching methods for a fully immersive learning experience. Navigate through the programme successfully and get ready for your future career thanks to our Academics Mentors, Coaches, IT and programme support teams.

      Discover your professors


      Professor, Organizational Behaviour & Leadership

      Head of Faculty - Management & Humanities


      Professor, Management

      Researcher in Family Business & Psychology


      Professor, Marketing

      Management in Innovative Health Chair Director


      Director & Professor of EDHEC Foresight

      Innovation and Transformation


      Professor, Criminal Risks Management

      Criminal Risks Management Chair Director


      Professor, Ethics & Responsibility

      ESMT Berlin


      Professor, Economics

      Associate Dean - Graduate Programmes


      2 intakes / year

      What are the requirements ?

      • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
      • Minimum 3 years of work experience
      • Strong command of written and spoken English

      How to apply?

      Contact our Programme Advisor to discuss your project and your eligibility for the programme. You can also evaluate your profile here

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        Meeting with our
        Programme Advisor
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        Interview with our
        Programme Director
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      Tuition fees

      Tuition fees

      €39,000 plus VAT*

      Application fees: €150

      Several financing methods exist and can be combined in the application process. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

      *Tuition fees are provided for information only and are subject to change.

      Financial Aid / Scholarship

      Early Bird


      on tuition

      For all applications submitted 2 months before the next intake. Scholarships and Early Bird cannot be combined.

      EDHEC scholarships

      up to -40%

      on tuition

      Am I eligible?

      Any questions on the program?

      What is the difference between an Online MBA and an Executive MBA?

      The main differences between an Online MBA and an Executive MBA lie mainly in their audience, format, requirements and level of flexibility.

      An Online MBA is a distance learning diploma that offers a high degree of flexibility. Courses and educational activities are accessible at any time, empowering participants to manage their schedules in full autonomy. This format is suitable for those who need to balance work, family, and education. The EDHEC Online MBA spans 24 months. An Executive MBA, while also providing flexibility, is often structured with classes during evenings or weekends. The EDHEC Executive MBA is a 16-month part-time programme.

      Participants to both an Executive MBA and an Online MBA are active professionals who ant to level up their career and reinforce their leadership. The EDHEC Executive MBA is tailored for managers boasting at least 7 or 8 years of experience. Meanwhile, the EDHEC Online MBA requires a minimum of 3 years of professional experience for eligibility.

      While both programmes are well-suited for working professionals, the Online MBA allows for greater convenience and flexibility given the programme is designed to accommodate distance learners with busy schedules. The choice between the two depends on your career stage, goals, and preferences for learning format and schedule.

      What is the value of an Online MBA?

      EDHEC offers a comprehensive portfolio of MBA programmes designed for professionals seeking to accelerate their career and transform their leadership. All EDHEC MBAs (Online MBA, Executive MBA, and Global MBA) are accredited by the AMBA (Association of Masters of Business Administration), a hallmark of excellence that acknowledges our rigorous teaching, the richness of our academic content, and the exceptional value of our student experience. The AMBA’s accreditation, awarded to 3% of business schools worldwide, attests to the demanding standards and selectivity of our programmes. This commitment to excellence is also reflected in the MBA programme rankings: the Executive MBA is ranked in the Top 30 globally by the Financial Times (2023 ranking) and #1 for Alumni Satisfaction. The Global MBA is ranked 4th worldwide according to ESG’s criterias by the Financial Times (2024 ranking). Each EDHEC MBA differs mainly in its learning modality and offered flexibility, its duration, or its prerequisites, and adapting to the different needs and professional goals of each participant.

      Who is the Online MBA programme for?

      The Online Master of Business Administration is designed for high-potential modern professionals who want to advance their career path by sharpening their business acumen, broadening their knowledge of emerging business topics and trends, and developing their leadership skills.

      Non-business or management profiles are highly encouraged to apply as a business background isn’t a pre-requisite. The ideal candidate will have nonetheless a strong interest in business innovation, digitla transformation and the will to contribute to positive change.
      Whether you are looking to advance in your current role or make a career change, the Online Master of Business Administration will prepare you for a future leadership role in finance, accounting, strategy, innovation, corporate responsibility, marketing, product management, operations, and more. 

      What does the leadership development programme involve?

      To prepare you for professional life beyond the Online MBA, EDHEC has developed a dynamic personal and career development programme designed to help you reach your full potential.    

      Transform360 combines theory, practice, self-awareness, observation, and personal reflection and is cornerstone component of the programme. Transform360 is intended to build your awareness of the critical soft leadership skills and emotional intelligence that are the hallmarks of inspirational leaders.   

      You will participate in 28 hours of interactive workshops, individual and collective coaching sessions, and other tailored assignments that are proven to support you through the process of understanding your personal strengths and weaknesses, finding focus and intention in your career path development, and inspiring you to reach your full potential.

      What can you do with an Online MBA?

      MBA participants represent diverse backgrounds, undergraduate degrees, professional experiences, and occupations. The EDHEC Online MBA offers a Transform360 Leadership Development Programme designed to give you maximum exposure to different industries and roles, as well as develop the skills and insights you will need to evolve, transform and succeed in the career of your choice.

      Whether you are looking to advance in your current role or make a career change, the Online MBA will prepare you for a future leadership role in: General Management / Leadership, Finance, Investments & Accounting, Strategy & Innovation, Information Technology, Corporate Responsibility, Marketing & Product Management, Business Operations, Sales & Business Development, Supply Chain & Logistics, Business Intelligence & Analytic, etc.


      What will I study in an Online MBA?

      As a programme delivered by a top-ranked, triple-accredited business school, the Online MBA includes a diverse set of business fundamentals courses to ensure a strong business acumen, such as Strategy, Marketing, Finance, but also critical topics in line with key business issues (green finance, climate change, sustainable innovation, leadership).

      Online MBA participants will thrive within their cohort to master analytical skills, global business practices, business administration, negotiation, agile management, and positive leadership skills.

      How is organised the Online MBA programme?

      Online MBA participants immerse themselves in a 24-month journey engaging in weekly live classes, leadership development workshops, individual and group assignments, seminar series, specialisation tracks, learning expeditions, a consulting project, and an entrepreneurship project.

      The programme starts with a 3-day on-campus induction seminar on climate change and introduction to critical thinking.

      The Online MBA includes two learning expeditions, online and in-person, both of which are outstanding opportunities to meet and learn from renowned professionals around the globe.

      Rayane BELHABRI

      Programme Advisor
      Tel : +33 6 46 81 64 78

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