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MSc in International Business Management

MSc in International Business Management


Valeria Goupil

Valéria GOUPIL

Online Program Advisor

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Online MSc International Business Management (ENG)

Wed 23 June

12h30 - 13h00 (UTC+2)

Why choose this online programme?

Access some of the finest academic minds & innovative online courses globally

Advance your international career and maintain a good work-life balance

Broaden your skills and change career without having to take time out to retrain

Access a top-quality education in a way that suits your schedule and your pocket

Shape your international career

The EDHEC’s Online MSc in International Business Management will arm you with:

  • A rigorous and analytical understanding of general management
  • A broader understanding of how organisations operate internationally
  • Greater knowledge of global markets
  • A cross-cultural aptitude for better leadership in an international environment
  • Global business and management skills through case-based learning and an international consulting project
  • A comprehensive career development programme
  • How to communicate your value, with impact
  • How to assume international management responsibilities

    Online Master of Science in International Business Management

    In a world where tomorrow’s professions have yet to be imagined, we aim to prepare young professionals to meet the challenges of modern society and to reinvent the ways we do business. EDHEC’s Online MSc in International Business Management is a unique, immersive experience, in an international environment, where the fusion of knowledge and managerial skills development is at the heart of learning. Students will need to study for 10–15 hours per week, on average. Each module will be evaluated based on exercises, tests, quizzes, case studies, individual and group participation. They are structured as follows:

    An intensive 18-month programme - Platform access: 1 year after programme conclusion

    12 core courses

    4 electives


    2-days when you will meet with the rest of your cohort, faculty and programme staff.

    BLOC 1

    • Strategy
    • Marketing & Sales in a digital world
    • Digital Transformation

    BLOC 2

    • Managerial Economics
    • International Business
    • Managing Innovation

    BLOC 3

    • Finance
    • Managing People
    • Managerial Accounting

    BLOC 4

    • People, Teams & Organisations
    • Negotiation
    • Digital transformation

    BLOC 4

    • 4 electives

    (more details below)

    BLOC – The consulting project

    As an Online MSc in International Business Management student, you will have the opportunity to undertake a consulting project to formulate a strategy for a real company in the international marketplace. The project will be completed over the course of the length of the programme.

    (more details below)

    CAREER path

    CAREER Path is a specialised career counselling programme that provides individual career coaching to every Online MSc student.

    The CAREER Path team will work with you to create a tailored international career plan and identify the steps you should take to achieve your professional goals. The programme includes five group work sessions and four one-on-one counselling sessions.

    More details in the brochure

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    The Consulting Project

    In line with EDHEC’s ethos of social and connective learning, you will work alone or in a team to make useful and actionable recommendations for your chosen organisation, just as a real consultant would, on a concrete topic linked to your career plan. Your choice of topic may be linked to a company you’d like to work for, one of its customers, or a company that you would like to found or take over.

    You will be supported by an academic mentor and a member of the teaching faculty in this exercise.

    Teams will defend their consulting project online to a two-person panel, including a corporate representative, which will examine the clarity and thrust of its conclusions, as well as the relevance of its recommendations.

    Cutting-edge electives

    You will choose 4 electives from a range of cutting-edge topics designed to develop your technical and managerial skills. Each elective will run for 5 weeks and involve around 35 hours of work. For example:

    • SME Governance
    • Strategic Foresight
    • Brand Management
    • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: How to Win in the Political and Social Arenas for Companies
    • Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) etc…


    The Global Business Trip

    business trip

    EDHEC’s optional Global Business Trip allows you to discover first-hand the new and innovative business models enabling us to tackle the challenges of globalisation. Travelling together with students from EDHEC’s Executive MBA programme, it is a unique opportunity to:

    • explore how economic and political models work in relation to western models
    • gain insights into the challenges raised by globalisation and how to deal with them
    • expand your professional network

    The Global Business Trip includes a range of complementary activities, such as conferences, company visits and discussions with local managers and team workshops.

    More details in the brochure

    Online learning success management team

    A collaborative learning environment. EDHEC’s Online Master of Science programme blends individual coaching with virtual classrooms and one-on-one academic mentorship with innovative global teaching methods for a fully immersive, international experience.


    • Social and intellectual interaction is at the heart of the programme.
    • Learn about alternative contexts and situations and interact with students through a highly collaborative platform.


    • Your academic mentors serve as guides rather than providers of knowledge.
    • They introduce you to a new world and  demonstrate methods of interpretation to know how to function in it.


    • Our team of first-class experts from top-tier academic institutions and businesses around the world will guide you through an array of cross-cutting business courses.


    • The Success Learning Team help you navigate through the programme successfully and help you prepare your future career.

    Discover your teachers

    • Philippe Foulquier, PhD

      CIIA. Professor of Accounting and Finance

    • Martha Maznevski, PhD

      Organisational Behaviour

    • Tristan-Pierre Maury, PhD


    • George Yip, PhD

      Marketing & Strategy

    • Karin Kollenz-Quetard, PhD


    Online Campus

    Together with some of the best institutions in the world, top-ranked by the Financial Times, EDHEC has shaped one of the most powerful and intuitive learning platforms which enables to produce personalised, interactive, and high-touch learning journeys.

    • Videos, quizzes, instructional activites and resources to read online or to download
    • A weekly live Virtual Class hosted by the Academic Mentor: content review, discussions with participants, answers to live questions.
    • Exchanges with other participants through the EDHEC collaborative platform
    • An online assessment at the end of each week
    • Personalized follow up by the EDHEC Success Management Team


    4 intakes / year


    • 3-year bachelor degree (or equivalent)
    • Proven professional experience: 3 years min 
    • Acceptable English proficiency tests/certificates (TOEFL​, TOEIC​, or IELTS)

    How to apply?

    It’s simple! Evaluate your profile. You will be contacted by our Programme Advisor in order to discuss your project.

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    Tuition fees

    Tuition fees

    €18,000 plus VAT*

    *2021 prices. Subject to changes – Contact us for more information.


    Application fees: €150

    Financial Aid / Scholarship

    Early Bird


    on tuition
    Early bird

    EDHEC scholarships

    up to -30%

    on tuition fees
    * for candidates having confirmed their registration 2 months prior the next intake. Scholarships and Early Bird are not cumulative.

    For participants working in France: The Online MSc in International Business Management is eligible for the continued professional development programme through your personal training account, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

    Valeria Goupil

    Valéria GOUPIL

    Online Program Advisor

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