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EDHEC Business School offers several MScs in different fields: Business Strategy & Analytics, Corporate Finance, Data Management & Business Analytics and International Business Management. These programmes are designed for working professionals with several years of experience. Choosing an online MSc gives you the opportunity to improve your skills and boost your career without having to take several months off work. An online programme has many advantages compared to in-person programmes.

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EDHEC Online MSc

Discover the Online MSc offered by EDHEC Business School:

    What is an Online MSc?

    An MSc (Master of Science) is a master’s degree, usually dedicated to programmes in STEM and other subjects such as management. It provides specialised training and includes independent modules. To access an MSc, you must have an undergraduate diploma, such as a bachelor’s degree. Most MSc programmes are run by universities, but nowadays, many are available online, with the same level of recognition.

    An online MSc usually involves regular but sparse online classes with all participants. You will undertake the programme on your own, at your own pace. If you choose to pursue an online MSc, you will be able to organise your studies to fit around your schedule and you can choose to work wherever is the most convenient for you.

    In your personal time, you will study fundamental courses in a range of subjects related to your chosen specialisation. Online classes will be dedicated to answering questions, debating, reviewing content, etc. You will have to dedicate several hours per week of study time and group work.

    Corporate Finance

    Nowadays, businesses have to deal with new trends and technologies that affect the way they manage their finances. To start working in this sector, or to keep your skills up to date, an MSc in Corporate Finance is essential. You will learn new ways of communicating the benefits of finance to other departments in your organisation and how to incorporate new challenges into your work: environmental awareness, inclusivity, etc. You will learn how to measure the impact of strategic, commercial, operational and financial decisions on business value creation. You will also discover the impact of digital technologies in the sector (cryptocurrencies, machine learning, digital banking, etc.) and how to take advantage of them.

    Such a diploma will give you access to strategic positions such as:

    Data Management & Business Analytics

    Decision making is being transformed by the ever-increasing amount of data that organisations can now access and analyse thanks to big data tools. Business intelligence is becoming more and more accessible, but still requires specific and advanced skills. Companies have no choice but to adapt and to hire specialists. An MSc in Data Management and Business Analytics will provide you with strategic skills in various areas such as artificial intelligence, data management and analysis, etc. In your future company, you will be a leader in change and innovation.

    In this ever-evolving sector, you can access positions such as:

    • Data Analyst,
    • Data Scientist,
    • Business analyst​,
    • Account Executive​,
    • Business Development Manager​,
    • Data & Analytics Manager
    • Data Science Manager,
    • Chief Data Officer,
    • Data architect,
    • Data engineer,
    • Data storyteller,
    • Data protection officer,
    • Metrics & Analytics Specialist,
    • Market Intelligence Specialist,
    • Market Research Analyst,
    • Financial Analyst,
    • Business Analyst Manager,
    • Data Consultant,
    • Business Intelligence Consultant.

    International Business Management

    The world is globalised and is an open market where many companies work with foreign countries to source the supplies they need, to manufacture their products or simply to sell their products or services in a new market. Working in an international environment brings its own challenges. If you are a professional looking to join a global company, you will need to develop new skills. An online MSc in International Business Management will teach you how to identify market trends, to drive your company organisation in new environments or to develop a strategy.

    Once you have earned your diploma, you will be eligible for positions such as:

    • Consultant,
    • Project manager,
    • Business developer / Business Development Manager,
    • Account Manager / Executive,
    • Business Analyst,
    • Customer Success Manager,
    • International Brand Manager,
    • Sales Development Manager,
    • Strategy & Growth Manager.

    Choose EDHEC for your Online MSc

    When you choose an Online MSc from EDHEC Business School, you are choosing a pioneer in online education. We are the co-founders of the International Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance, in collaboration with Imperial College of London and several other famous world-renowned universities and schools. Through our 100% online platform, you will earn an internationally recognised diploma. The quality of EDHEC programmes is also guaranteed by three prestigious institutions: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

    Our online Masters of Science are designed for working professionals who want a business-oriented, hands-on programme. Our MScs include a career development program with one-on-one coaching sessions, and online conferences to help you achieve your goal. During the programme, you will work on group projects, as a consultant.

    Join EDHEC Business School and earn an online degree to advance your career!