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With the desire to meet the demand for flexibility from professionals and future managers, our online degrees are mainly aimed at active professionals who want to acquire new skills in order to boost their professional career through high-level diploma training, accessible anywhere, anytime.

From the MBA and Masters of Science to the specialised Bachelor of Science and Executive Master, our online degrees are based on a new way of learning, offering diploma and certification courses in Management, Marketing, Data & Business Analytics, Corporate Finance, Climate Change or EdTech, on all issues related to new business challenges.

Our online programmes are taught by EDHEC Business School professors and company experts who bring their expertise and know-how.

Is an online diploma recognised?

The diploma received at the end of an online programme has the same value as an in-person diploma. The diploma received is the official recognition of the training, supported by official documents, and demonstrates the knowledge and skills acquired.

At the end of an online course with EDHEC, you receive a diploma from a business school ranked #7 in Europe (Financial Times ranking, 2023), and triply accredited (EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA), a guarantee of the academic excellence of the programmes, the quality of the teaching staff, as well as its close links with companies. Our diplomas are also recognised by companies on a global scale.

What courses are available online?

EDHEC Online offers a portfolio of degrees and certification courses in business management, marketing, finance, strategy, data and leadership.

The degree programmes, which last between 12 and 24 months, are aimed at working professionals who wish to develop new skills or strengthen their existing knowledge, and obtain a diploma from a globally-renowned business school.

The short courses are intended for experienced executives and managers and enable them to obtain an executive certificate from a top business school in only 5 to 10 weeks.

EDHEC Online also offers MOOCs accessible at any time on topics related to new business challenges or on specific skill sets.

How long does an online programme last and how much study time is required?

The amount of study time required depends on the programme.

For our 12 or 24 month diploma courses, we recommend 10 to 15 hours of study time per week.

The certification courses are completed over a few weeks.

Our courses are designed to allow each learner to modulate his or her workload according to his or her own personal and professional obligations.

Why choose EDHEC Online degrees?

  • You will obtain a diploma from a top 10 European business school, with the same value as a face-to-face diploma.
  • Our online courses are designed by EDHEC faculty and learning designers, using cutting-edge technologies based on artificial intelligence. They combine a wide variety of activities and resources.
  • You interact daily with participants of all nationalities and based all over the world. You work in collaborative mode.
  • Our support system starts with our first contact with you. Our advisors are here to help you clarify your objective and guide you towards the online programme that best suits you. They will accompany you throughout the whole admission process. Throughout the degree programmes, you are supported by an academic mentor who is available to answer all your questions about the courses, and an experienced professional coach to help you define and achieve your career objective.
  • EDHEC provides different scholarships for distance learning programmes, of up to 40% discount on the tuition fees.

Do you have any questions? Take a look at our Q&A to find out more about our distance learning solutions.