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How do I explain my professional project?

As part of the admissions requirements, we ask that you have a detailed, well-defined career plan.

What are the admission requirements for an EDHEC Online programmes? 

Depending on the diploma or certificate you are applying for, certain prerequisites must be met. Our eligibility criteria always take into account your previous academic credentials (initial training), professional experience, professional goals, and motivations. To find out more about all the prerequisites for each of our programmes, visit the pages dedicated to our online diplomas and certificates:

    Am I required to take an English test?

    In order to apply to our Master of Science programmes, all candidates must take an English language test. These tests help ensure that you will be able to get the most out of our courses. 

    See our programme pages for details about the tests and score requirements: 

      Who are EDHEC Online programmes for?

      Our distance learning programmes are aimed at professionals, whether they are at the beginning of their careers or experienced managers, who wish to go back to school to improve their skills, develop their career, create their own company, or retrain. 

      Do I need to speak French to join EDHEC Online programmes?

      No, speaking French is not a prerequisite to apply to our online programmes. 

      We offer international programmes taught entirely in English for international students based anywhere in the world.  

      Our English-speaking staff are also available to answer any questions you may have. 

      Below is a list of our programmes taught entirely in English: 

      However, we also have courses taught in French. 

      What is the admission process?

      To register for one of our online programmes, there are 4 main steps

      • An interview with one of our programme advisors to review your goals and check your eligibility. Make an appointment now. 
      • An application form to fill in 
      • Your application will then be reviewed by the admission committee made up of our programme directors. If you are admitted, you must then sign your contract and make your first payment. 

      Some courses may have other requirements to complete the admission process (additional interviews, tests, etc.). To learn the requirements for each of our distance learning programmes, go to the relevant page:

         For further information on our admission process or on our distance learning programmes, please contact us by filling in this form.