You have decided to embark on a distance learning programme and are now seeking the best way to finance your online programme?

Navigating how to finance distance learning can be daunting. Whether you’re a job seeker, an employee, a manager, or an entrepreneur, you may be keen to know about the funding support available to your specific needs and profile.

At EDHEC, we’re ready to help you find the solutions that suit you best! The guide below outlines the main solutions available to you. When unsure, we recommend consulting one of our programme advisors. Certain options are country-dependent.

Why invest in an online programme?

Investing in your future

You are ready to invest in your professional development and achieve your career ambitions? We will help you create a financing plan that is tailored to your needs and situation.

Are you currently unemployed and seeking qualifications that future employers will recognise? Are you a manager eager to enhance your competencies? Would you like to undertake new responsibilities? Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur aiming to expand your knowledge and foster your company’s growth?

Irrespective of your ambitions, EDHEC online programmes are designed to help you progress and develop the new skills needed to achieve your professional objectives.

When should I start researching options to finance my continued education?

Our conversations with candidates over the years have taught us that securing funding for their selected programmes is often like trying to navigate a complicated obstacle course. For this reason, we have created numerous schemes to help candidates finance their journey. While this is good news, it’s not always easy to figure out how to access and navigate the options.

Researching and applying for financing solutions can be quite time-consuming. From putting together the application to awaiting responses and potential follow-ups, several months may lapse between the initial submission and securing the requested financing.

We advise you to kick-start your search for funding as soon as you have set your heart on your distance-learning project. This is ideally 4 to 6 months prior to the programme intake. If you are employed, this timeframe allows you the opportunity to discuss your aspirations with your employer during an annual performance review, or during periods when the workload is less intense.

How to finance my online programme with EDHEC’s dedicated solutions?

EDHEC offers tailored, in-house financing solutions that accommodate diverse circumstances.

Opt for personal financing

EDHEC provides payment benefits for candidates who self-finance their programme:

  • A 20% reduction on tuition fees (taxes included) for any personal funding.
  • Interest-free payment options with instalments.
  • “Early Bird” initiative: 15 to 20% reduction on total tuition fees for applications submitted at least 2 months before the intake.
  • Prompt payment: a 15% reduction when you enroll in the 10 days following the receipt of the acceptance letter (cannot be combined with a scholarship or an Early Bird reduction)

EDHEC graduates can benefit from exclusive offers on EDHEC Online programmes with 25% off tuition fees.


Finance your programme with a bank loan

Many students complete their distance learning programmes with the help of student loans. It’s worth looking into this in your country of residence since many banks offer educational loans that are designed to help you cover the cost of your tuition.

As with any kind of loan, it is important to consider this carefully and to ensure that you will be able to pay back the loan without any issues.

EDHEC has set up partnerships with banks such as BNP Paribas to offer loans at preferential rates. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our programme advisors to learn more about your options.

Obtain an EDHEC scholarship for your distance learning programme

EDHEC has set up an exclusive scholarship system that can reduce your tuition fees by up to 40%. This is contingent on the programme selected.

  • The Women in Leadership scholarship has been set up to support and promote equality and gender diversity in our class and the boardroom.
  • The Make an Impact scholarship is meant to encourage responsible and innovative entrepreneurs and/or candidates with a strong focus or background in ESG.
  • The International scholarship is offered to applicants who live and work outside of France. This scholarship is designed to encourage and support participants who are looking to gain a truly global vision from one of the leading business schools in France and Europe.
  • A merit-based scholarship is also offered to candidates in career transition (seeking a new position or transitioning into a new role), athletes and people with disabilities.
  • Excellence scholarships are based on the quality of the candidate’s academic record and/or professional achievements.

The scholarships are designed to foster diversity among applicants and are accessible to individuals meeting specific eligibility criteria.


Identifying a Financing Solution Suited to Your Profile

What options are available to you if you continue to work during your distance learning programme?

Are you an employee who seeks to assume greater responsibilities within the company you work for, or merely enhance your skill set and competencies?

EDHEC online programmes offer an optimal framework for harmonising continuing education with professional commitments.

By investing in yourself, you are not only unlocking personal potential but also contributing to the advancement of your company. For this reason, you should initiate discussions with HR or upper management about the possibility of the company providing professional development funding.

Ask your company if they have dedicated training plans that alleviate programme costs. You can also find out if they have sponsored candidates in the past.

How do I present my distance learning project to my employer?

Persuading your employer to contribute to your training funding requires a compelling presentation of your project. Here are 4 tips:

  1. Reaffirm your commitment to the company: assure them of your continued dedication.
  2. Describe the win-win impact and return on investment: highlight how newfound skills will bolster organisational performance.
  3. Present your project in terms of co-investment: in addition to the company’s financial contribution, you will also use personal funds and other financing sources.
  4. Stress the consultancy aspect: showcase how working on issues specific to your company during the programme will provide you with strategies that can be implemented in the company.

Self-employed? Research what options may apply to you in your country of residence 

If you are self-employed, opting for a distance learning programme at EDHEC is probably the result of you seeking ongoing professional development. Whether you aim to fortify existing skills or support your company’s evolution, you may be wondering what funding solutions are available to you.

The best way to tackle this if you are self-employed outside of France is to find out whether your government provides financial aid for the professional development of entrepreneurs.

Unemployed? How Can You Finance Your Distance Learning Programme?

    As a job seeker, selecting a training programme represents a pivotal career decision. It signifies a transformative step towards revitalising your professional trajectory. Given the substantial personal and financial investment involved, exploring viable financing avenues is important.

    Depending on your country of residence, the national unemployment agency may have funding schemes or other financial aid benefits in place for individuals who wish to further their education, enhance their skillsets, or change career paths completely. We recommend that you carry out your research locally in case financial support is available.

    Financing and funding solutions that best suit the circumstances of each applicant may vary greatly depending on applicant profiles. Whether you’re an employee, a self-employed professional or a job seeker, our array of financing solutions seeks to facilitate your educational pursuits.

    Our programme advisors remain at your disposal should you require further guidance for navigating the financing options available to you.

    Our team can also guide you in presenting the study programme to your employer in a way that will encourage them to support your further education.