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Your Learning Community: Placing Experience Sharing at the Heart of Your Training

EDHEC’s distance learning courses are designed for professionals located around the world, whether they are managers or future leaders, who wish to develop their skills. The online format allows them to learn at their own pace while benefiting from an interactive distance learning experience thanks to social learning. 

The collective dynamic at the core of the distance learning journey  

All our online programmes place the collective dynamic at the heart of the pedagogy through:

  • The diverse participant profiles which enrich experience sharing 
  • The group business cases which allow students to replicate the collective approach of a company 
  • Technological tools to facilitate exchanges between participants
  • The development of a true professional network 

A rich and varied distance learning community 

EDHEC online pedagogy is based on three levels of learning. 

#1 The learning group 

Learning groups of 4/5 people are formed at the beginning of your training by our pedagogical team. Their goal is to make you collaborate with varied profiles in order to encourage the sharing of experiences during different activities carried out at a distance, on the Online Campus. 

Within your group, you’ll participate in business simulations and a consulting project. 

In addition to individual coaching sessions, you also benefit from a follow-up of your activities in a learning group to help you achieve your goals and : 

  • Develop your collective intelligence and listening skills 
  • Learn how to lay the foundations for effective collaboration 
  • Resolve conflicts and difficulties that limit performance 

Being a manager is a complex job that requires not only know-how but also interpersonal skills: a good manager must be able to handle emergencies during stressful periods and take a step back to think long-term. The new generation of employees no longer looks for a boss, but a mentor capable of helping them grow and develop day by day.Muriel Cauvin, EDHEC Online Coach

    #2 The entire cohort  

    Online – and on-campus, on selected programmes – events are organised to meet all the participants of your programme, such as weekly live classes, team buildings, visio learning expeditions, online debates and masterclasses. 

    #3 Alone, at your own pace 

    You access the EDHEC Online Campus whenever you wish to learn at your own pace, from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.