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E-learning in education: 3 questions to Benoit Arnaud

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EDHEC Online: innovation dedicated to learning. From entrepreneurs, young professionals, and managers to high-level athletes, many encounter difficulties when it comes to combining work and learning. Professional obligations, geographical constraints, and complicated schedules make strong arguments for distance learning. To meet these challenges, modern courses must be accessible to learners wherever they may be. Building on 15 years of experience in e-learning in education, EDHEC has created EDHEC Online as a business unit of the school. Its director Benoit Arnaud is here to introduce this innovative service.

What exactly is EDHEC Online?

Learners live and work all over the world and businesses want to train their executives while keeping them as professionally active as possible. With this in mind, EDHEC has created EDHEC Online, an autonomous and adaptable body which is developing a range of 100% online diploma courses. It goes without saying that every EDHEC Online course is founded on course quality and the expertise of our teachers, but with a novel delivery via educational innovations unique to e-learning in education.

We have developed our own dedicated platform along these lines and are working with several EdTech (educational technology) start-ups to provide educational tools specifically for distance learning. These ground-breaking ambitions were recognised in 2019 when EDHEC was awarded third place in worldwide rankings of significant innovations, featuring alongside Cornell University and Oxford University’s Saïd Business School

Who is EDHEC Online for?

There are currently an estimated 10 million people worldwide — including managers and directors — who hesitate to pursue training. Attending one of our campuses will not be an option for the majority. EDHEC Online is first and foremost for working individuals who would like to develop professionally with the aid of a diploma course while maintaining their professional activity or remaining near loved ones.

With our new communication tools and new ways of working, more mobile than those of the past, EDHEC wanted to provide these learners with distance learning options which fulfil their academic requirements and are based on a fresh educational approach.

“EDHEC Online is for working individuals who would like to develop professionally with the aid of a diploma course while maintaining their professional activity or remaining near loved ones.” 

What are the advantages of distance learning?

#1 Flexibility & quality

EDHEC Online provides access to high-level degree programmes and offers a significant degree of flexibility. Above all, participants will benefit from the quality expected of an EDHEC diploma course, with intellectually stimulating competition, professional development, membership of the Alumni Association, and more — in short, all of the features that set EDHEC Business School training courses apart. 

But by choosing an online diploma course, participants will also gain the benefits of using communication tools and the latest technologies, a valuable form of training in itself, particularly for assistance with business digitisation.

#2 Personalised learning

One feature of these tools is that they allow extensive personalisation of the learning experience: as a result, mobile learning is founded on the principle of “Just-in-Time Learning” as a novel performance lever in education. We work with organisations like Teach on Mars to develop mobile-native content.

We are also collaborating with an Artificial Intelligence start-up in order to understand how our students learn online and discover the best ways to help them. Other innovations are under development and coming soon…

#3 Courses with an international outlook

Another advantage of the distance learning offered by EDHEC is the ability to access courses from other countries. For example, we are in fact one of the founding members of the international alliance Future of Management Education (FOME), along with Imperial College and 6 other prestigious business schools and internationally recognised universities. This alliance has created the first international platform providing 100% online diplomas, with a focus on the student.

FOME’s goal, shared by EDHEC Online, is to bring together technological and educational expertise to transform the global market in distance diploma courses, to the benefit of the learners.

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