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EDHEC Online has designed its pedagogical approach by integrating the notion of proximity, which is an essential element in all the school’s training courses. With this reinforced support system, EDHEC Online offers a real proximity, remotely.  EDHEC Online is based on productive and dynamic partnerships with a global reach, sharing resources, knowledge and expertise by co-developing new pedagogy.

One objective : revolutionize distance learning

EDHEC Business School is a co-founder of the international alliance Future of Management Education (FOME) in collaboration with Imperial College London, Imperial College Business School, ESMT Berlin, BI Norwegian Business School, SMU Singapore, Ivey Business School and Melbourne Business School. The objective of this alliance is to revolutionize distance learning by combining technological and pedagogical know-how.

Thus, several partnerships or agreements with key players in the EdTech world enrich the learning experience offered by EDHEC Online.

Among them, increased social learning to facilitate distance group work, the hologram to welcome teachers into the programs from the other side of the world and “adaptive learning” to personalize learning. As a result, these adaptive pedagogical systems promise to take into account the learner’s profile (knowledge, preferences, aptitudes, objectives, etc.) in the construction of a unique and adapted pedagogical career path.

High-technology partnerships

All the learning courses are designed “mobile first” to satisfy the participants’ demand for flexibility and to offer them an enriched student experience mobile learning which enables students to learn, on demand via all the training devices adapted to smartphones and tablets.
Mobile learning requires adapting educational content, encouraging short formats.

In addition, mobile learning makes it possible to integrate a social, interactive and playful dimension into learning, through discussion forums, challenges – battles – launched between learners to assimilate educational content in a fun and entertaining way. Mobile learning therefore introduces a gamification effect.

Mobile learning is now an essential part of contemporary learning, from companies to executive programs and this is why EDHEC Online relies on key players in the world of Edtechs for the use of advanced technologies.

Skillsday and Teach On Mars

It is through these initiatives that EDHEC Online has entered into a partnership agreement with 2 major mobile learning players: Skillsday and Teach On Mars. These platforms are specialized in digital pedagogy and mobile learning, with a responsive web version, educational games specifically designed for mobiles, accessible online and offline, based on short formats adapted to the availability of your learners.  The aim is to offer learners mobile learning solutions. Within the framework of these partnerships, the training courses will focus on project management, agility, corporate communication and emotional intelligence.

These agreements reflect EDHEC Online’s desire to renew the pedagogical approach to online training, with solutions adapted to new digital uses.

« The partnership with Skillsday and Teach On Mars gives us the means to extend digital learning to mobiles and take advantage of its training benefits. Mobile learning offers a creative and effective response, adapted both to the intensive use of smartphones today and to the efficient use of available time dedicated to learning. » explains Stefan Crisan, Director of Operations EDHEC Online.


Developed on the basis of pedagogical principles, it enables the creation of communities that learn around content and activities. Thanks to a Content Management System, Moodle also offers many pedagogical and communicative interaction tools that create an online learning environment. Indeed, this application allows to establish, via the network, interactions between pedagogues, learners and pedagogical resources.

Digital University

This tool is designed to provide students with patented tools to train learners to use the best in new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, task automation, etc.

Forging an alliance with the educational community

Big Data Analytics generates new opportunities to improve the educational process by helping teachers and learners make smarter decisions earlier in the learning progression.

Because Technology has and will always be an important part of EDHEC’s practices, EDHEC Online has therefore established agreements with other organizations in the world of education which increasingly enrich the training offer provided.


School with peer-to-peer learning as its pedagogy: a participatory approach, without courses, without teachers, which frees students from all their creativity through project-based learning. Thanks to this partnership, EDHEC Online students have the benefit of access to an introduction to code.


This tool enables companies to harness the power of data and create dashboards that provide actionable information that optimizes business activity. This platform therefore offers students exclusive access to the platform to be able to train in data analytics.


Through these different offers of diploma and professionalization courses, this online school provides to EDHEC’s students Certificates in Digital Marketing.

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