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Limitless Learning:
international alliances & partners

An innovative approach to Online Learning

As a co-founder of the international alliance Future of Management Education (FOME), EDHEC is working with some of the best business schools in the world to revolutionize distance learning. How does FOME work? Members of the network combine pedagogical and digital teaching resources to bring new research and knowledge to even more students around the globe.

This means that your learning options are truly unlimited. This means that there’s nothing holding you back from expanding your knowledge and acquiring new business and management skills.

Who are the members of FOME?

Besides EDHEC, members of the FOME alliance include  :

Each of these schools brings its own set of business, management, and finance expertise, as well as its own team of subject experts and researchers. The options for coursework and learning are endless and you get it all through EDHEC Online.

FOME members believe that digital learning should have the same impact as face-to-face learning, and so they focus on only bringing to the marketplace those learning technologies that will inspire students to truly transform themselves and their organizations.

FOME Alliance

Teaching with technology

Students today need flexibility, so all FOME courses are designed to be “mobile first,” which means they are adapted for mobile phones and other small, hand-held electronic devices, including tablets.

Truly mobile learning means creating educational content that is formatted for a device other than a laptop or PC, as well as content that integrates social and interactive elements. Mobile learning means using discussion forums to connect students and provide break-out sessions, as well as group challenges that intensify the fun of learning a new subject and learning from others, even if they are on the other side of the continent.

Digital pedagogy and mobile learning

Teach on mars - EDHEC Online

EDHEC has joined forces with mobile learning companies Skillsday and Teach On Mars to provide the latest in digital pedagogy and mobile learning to all of its online students.

These companies offer micro-learning such as quizzes and challenges specifically designed for mobile devices, with a focus on teaching project management, agility, corporate communication, and emotional intelligence.

These partnerships reflect EDHEC’s long-standing commitment to pedagogical excellence, in the digital age and beyond.