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non verbal communications

Top Non-Verbal Communication Skills For Success

People tune in to your body language, eye contact, and facial expressions when you’re talking, consciously or subconsciously. Non-verbal skills will not only help you to advance your career, but they are also important for your personal development.… (Read more)


FinTech: How is Technology Transforming the Future of Finance?

FinTech is giving traditional financial institutions a run for their money with progressive, effective, and advantageous solutions that make traditional business models look almost irrelevant.… (Read more)

online diploma

Online Diplomas Versus MOOCs: Advantages and Downsides

MOOCs and online diplomas share several characteristics, offering flexible digital and location-independent learning options on your own schedule.… (Read more)

erdem cinar

The impact of Data in the pharmaceutical industry: a conversation with Erdem Cinar, online Master’s student at EDHEC

As data grows in importance, companies can no longer ignore the benefits of analytical tools.… (Read more)

Breakdown of a week of online learning with EDHEC Online

We favour learning by doing, but also with peers. We rely on several tools to encourage interaction between our students.… (Read more)

The Top 6 Data Jobs Seeked by Employers

Big Data is on the move and its professions are therefore evolving very quickly with it.… (Read more)

adaptive learning

Is Adaptive Learning the Future of Education?

Adaptive learning is not only valuable for schools and universities, but also for companies and organisations that can use this innovation to train their staff effectively.… (Read more)

business benefits of digital transformation

Top 5 Business Benefits of Digital Transformation

Data transformation has positive impacts on all areas of business operations including processes, systems, company culture, and workflow.… (Read more)

Giovanni, online Master’s student at EDHEC: the impact of data in the finance industry

My goal is to progress in my current position and to always provide very high quality service to my clients. To perform better, you have to train.… (Read more)

international work experience

The Value of International Work Experience On Your Resume

The choice to delve into an abroad experience demonstrates to an employer an incredible willingness to take initiative and confront head-on challenges, which could reap great rewards in a working environment.… (Read more)

online course tips for success

Top 4 Online Course Tips for Success

While lower costs and time flexibility make online coursework particularly appealing, the reality is that online education can be just as challenging if not more challenging than traditional in-person learning. … (Read more)

bich pham

Data management in ecommerce : a conversation with Bee Pham, online Master’s student at EDHEC

When you work in ecommerce, being comfortable with data is crucial.… (Read more)