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EDHEC Business School Wins FOME 2023 Learning Design Innovation Awards

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EDHEC Business School is proud to announce its first place at FOME 2023 Learning Design Innovation Awards, highlighting the school’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of education and embracing innovative pedagogy.

FOME award winners

From left to right: Roland Fines (EDHEC Business School), Olivia de Paeztron (ESMT Berlin), Andreea Floricel (EDHEC Business School), Joanna Szuda (EDHEC Business School), Jamina Ward (Imperial College Business School), James Connor (Managing Director at insendi)


EDHEC Online programmes learning design team took on the challenge of integrating artificial intelligence seamlessly into online education, fostering a natural and immersive learning experience.

The project, developed within the Digital Marketing course followed by EDHEC Online Master of Science participants, impressed voters with its innovative use of CustomGPT, creating an immersive learning journey that seamlessly integrated AI into the curriculum.

The success of the learning design lies in its framework, meticulously crafted by Professors Loick Menvielle and Marie-Cecile Cervellon, along with Teaching Assistant Lena Griset, involving different layers of interactions, ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience.

By demystifying AI models, this project goes beyond traditional teaching methods, reinforcing participants’ engagement, facilitating easy personalisation of learning paths, and serving as a time-saving tool for faculty members.


About the FOME Alliance

Co-founded by insendi, the FOME alliance is made up of leaders in the development and delivery of immersive online and hybrid business education experiences. Together with other FOME members, the alliance has a shared vision to be a catalyst for digital innovation in business education in a way that leverages the collective capabilities, unique global coverage and perspectives, expertise, and evidence-based pedagogical insights of its members.

About the Learning Design Innovation Awards 

To showcase these insights and expertises, the insendi-sponsored FOME Learning Design Innovation Awards took place at the conference. These awards set out to celebrate the creative designs and impactful capabilities of member institutions and the insendi platform, recognising intelligent, well-crafted pedagogical designs for online and blended learning.