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EDHEC Online launches Online MBA

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A pioneer in e-learning, EDHEC Online is proud to announce the launch of a 100% online MBA. This new programme offers a unique learning experience with significant academic advantages, including access to cutting-edge education technologies that enhance knowledge and skills acquisition.

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EDHEC is a founding member of the FOME Alliance, 12 top-ranked management schools advancing digital learning for business professionals. The EDHEC Online MBA will give students access to FOME’s cutting-edge e-learning platform and provide them with an immersive experience that delivers real-world learning and understanding via consulting projects, master classes, and learning expeditions.

Students enrolled in the 24-month programme, which will be taught entirely in English, will also receive personalised support to help them reach their professional and personal development goals. By the end of the programme, they will be ready to tackle technological, environmental, and societal challenges to advance society and strengthen the global economy.

An MBA supported by cutting-edge academic research

The EDHEC Online MBA will draw upon the synergy of EDHEC’s academic research chairs, which are at the forefront of global transition issues. Academic research will feed into courses to offer learning that aligns with environmental and societal imperatives. The aim is to produce enlightened leaders who are conscious of the impact of their decisions on the world around them.

The EDHEC Risk Climate Impact Institute, for example, will teach Online MBA students the fundamentals of green finance to create a more sustainable economy, and the EDHEC Criminal Risks Management Chair will provide coursework on the mechanics of the black market and its associated risks (trafficking, cybercrimes, money laundering, etc.).

In addition, the work of the EDHEC Foresight Innovation & Transformation Chair will help participants develop a long-term economic vision that considers AI advances and innovative new business models.

“Through these close collaborations with research chairs and centres, the EDHEC Online MBA will give future leaders the keys to understanding a complex, ever-changing world,” says Loïck Menvielle, Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of the EDHEC Online MBA. “By giving students access to our School’s most up-to-date academic work, we hope to enrich their perspectives and provide them with the skills to make sustainable transformations possible.”

A career catalyst

The EDHEC Online MBA will help students boost their careers by offering a comprehensive, immersive, and specialized curriculum. Students will benefit from EDHEC Online’s academic excellence and technological advances and have the chance to specialize in specific areas of business management, such as Strategy and Innovation or Climate Finance. Students will receive personalised career counseling and the opportunity to participate in the Transform 360 programme, which strengthens leadership skills and
encourages personal development via coaching sessions, workshops, and face-to-face meetings with EDHEC researchers and faculty members.

An ever-expanding portfolio of distance learning courses

The EDHEC Online MBA is part of a growing list of academic programmes offered by EDHEC Online, programmes that meet the expectations of professionals from various nations and economic sectors.

Since its creation in 2018, EDHEC Online has used avant-garde e-learning technology to create a vast array of academic programmes, including professional certificates, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and MOOCs.

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