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5 Ways an International Business Diploma Puts You Ahead of the Rest

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What was once a world separated by oceans of water has become completely interconnected. Digital communication streams, electronic registry systems, and online automatic processes have created a world where anything is possible. 

As our world continues to globalise, companies are seeking savvy employees who know how to handle a rapidly changing, international environment. The skills and experience acquired from an International Business Diploma provide an upper hand in an increasingly competitive job market, demonstrating not only business knowledge and skills learned, but the ability to handle them in an international context. 

Here are some ways an International Business Diploma puts you ahead of the rest:

1. Exposure to Different Cultures

Being a part of an international programme exposes you to a vast array of differing cultures and viewpoints. 

Your own cultural background, whether intentionally or not, plays a significant role in the way you handle yourself in both professional and personal environments. Having the opportunity to experience cultures and perspectives different from your own can sometimes be jarring, but it can also be humbling and rewarding. 

Learning other people’s perspective on political, economic, and social manners broadens your mind and can be very useful when taking a holistic view of business. 

It is often quite surprising to discover how skewed our perception is on current events and ideas simply based on which country we are from and what media we have been consuming up until now. 

An international course exposes you to these types of differing ideas and perspectives in both life and business.  

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2. Preparation for an International Business Environment

In a post-global world, the dominant leaders in business, entrepreneurship and innovation exist on an international scale. 

From marketing and sales to retail and data analysis, all aspects of the modern business world are affected by the international economy. This makes it more important than ever to understand the global marketplace, as companies are looking for candidates who both understand and can navigate international environments. 

Taking an international course will get you accustomed to working in a global environment. You will learn how to find common ground and bridge communication gaps in order to work together with your classmates. These skills are invaluable on the international job market

3. Language Skill Development

Many international business diplomas, courses and degree programmes are taught in English, which is considered the modern international business language. Attending an international course will allow you to hone and perfect your use of the English language in a professional setting. You will regularly use English to complete group projects, examine texts, and make critical analyses. You will learn idioms, colloquialisms and common business terms, all which are key to communicating effectively in an international environment. 

Even if your native language is English, being exposed to the unique environment of international English speakers will give you experience understanding and interpreting a variety of different pronunciations, expressions and vocabulary used outside of your home region. 

You also have the potential to practice other business languages such as Spanish, Chinese or French, depending on your classmates and your programme’s location.


4. A Competitive Business Profile

Studying within an international context boosts your resume twofold. With a more traditional business diploma, you learn the knowledge and skills directly taught within your coursework. A business course might include management, data analysis, entrepreneurship, and other important skills for business professionals. 

An international business diploma would include not only those topics but would also cover subjects such as multicultural skills, international environments, and multilingual negotiations. 

EDHEC’s Online Master of Science in International Business Management, for example, teaches all of its course work — ranging from Supply Chain Design to Effective Stakeholder Engagement to Applications of Artificial Intelligence — all through an international lens. All graduates have acquired a broader understanding of how organisations operate internationally, and a greater knowledge of global markets.

These additional skills boost your professional profile to employers. Having an international course on your resume demonstrates that you have knowledge and experience navigating global environments, giving your CV a competitive edge. 


5. International Networking Opportunities

Perhaps one of the most impactful aspects of an international course is the networking possibilities. 

By studying, learning, and working together, you will build connections with your classmates from around the world. Many of those contacts can lead to lasting connections after graduation, leading to potential opportunities down the road. 

Within top-tier international programmes, even the staff come from around the world, in order to provide students with a plethora of differing perspectives from around the world. 

EDHEC faculty both on and offline hail from across continents to provide their students with high-quality course studies, and the extensively developed alumni network amplifies the networking opportunities even further. 

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Going International 

International coursework provides a singular experience which cannot be found elsewhere. From language practice to unique skill building to networking across the globe, an International Business diploma provides an ideal way to expand your professional profile and make your CV more appealing in an incredibly competitive, international job market.