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Why Study Sustainability in Business? Top 6 Reasons

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With increasing awareness of issues such as global warming, waste, and pollution, sustainability is becoming an integral part of the personal and professional lives of many people. 

Governments, individuals, and businesses alike are recognising the importance of protecting the environment and preserving the planet’s natural resources for generations to come. Without this, it will be impossible for life on earth to continue as we know it — and that includes businesses.

In this way, sustainability is becoming an essential part of the business world, and is set to only increase in importance in the future. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that sustainable development is an area of knowledge that is in high demand by companies and a valuable asset for anyone looking to build a career in business.

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What Does Sustainability Mean in Business?

In essence, sustainable business is about adopting practices that don’t negatively impact the environment, people, or animals. Furthermore, truly green companies work to promote the best interests of the planet, supporting not only the environment, but also the communities involved at all stages of production.

In 1994, John Elkington defined a sustainable business as one that values the triple bottom line: not only profits, but also people and the planet. In this way, eco-conscious businesses are not driven purely by how much money they can make, but also consider their impact on society and the environment, and use these as metrics to measure their success as much as the funds they generate.

This means that sustainable businesses operate in ways that generate profits while being socially responsible and protecting the earth’s precious resources by using them strategically.

Why You Should Study Sustainability

There are a range of excellent reasons to study sustainability and sustainable development, from the diverse career opportunities and financial rewards to the chance to make a contribution.

Great Career Opportunities

Graduates with degrees in sustainable business are currently in high demand, and this demand is likely to only increase in the future as the business world grows increasingly eco-conscious. 

In fact, sustainability is one of the fastest-growing employment sectors. This demand covers a range of different roles across the private and government sectors.

You Can Make a Valuable Contribution

Studying sustainability will equip you with the necessary tools to have a powerful and positive impact on the world. A qualification in this field will open up opportunities for a range of exciting roles helping businesses to operate sustainably. 

You’ll be able to build a well-paid career, but, more importantly, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing something worthwhile and helping to build a better future.

It’s Financially Rewarding Too

A career path in sustainability is not just emotionally rewarding, but it pays very well too. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, sustainability professionals earn a median annual wage of $167,000. 

Companies are willing to offer considerable compensation to qualified professionals with knowledge of sustainability and how sustainable strategies can be best applied to achieve business goals.

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Study Sustainability: You’ll Enjoy Exciting Career Opportunities

There are a range of interesting roles available in the sustainability sector, many of which involve getting out from behind the desk and enjoying being outside. There’s a lot of diversity in this field, making it exciting to study and even more fascinating as a career path. 

Every day is different when you work in sustainable business, with new challenges coming up all the time.

A Sustainable Business Qualification is a Great Differentiating Factor

Even if you don’t go apply for roles that specifically focus on sustainability, you’ll find having studied sustainable business is a valuable addition to your resume. In a highly competitive job market, knowledge of sustainable business practices can be a powerful differentiating factor that allows you to stand out from the crowd and could help you to get hired. 

With many businesses looking for ways to operate in more ethical and eco-friendly ways, more organisations look to hire employees with a working knowledge of sustainability.

Plenty of Opportunities for Career Advancement

Once you’re in the workforce, you’ll also find that your knowledge of sustainable business will help you progress in your career. Being able to guide the organisation on how to embrace sustainability for maximum benefit means you could very well be offered extra responsibilities and even promotions.

Equally, experienced professionals and even executives can benefit from going back to school and studying sustainability. Adding a qualification in sustainable business to your existing knowledge and experience could be very helpful in moving to the next stage of your career, or transitioning to another sector.

Build Your Career in Sustainable Business

Sustainability is more important than ever to consumers, making it an increasingly vital concern for businesses. Not only is it important for organisations to operate in a sustainable way for social responsibility, but it’s also essential if they want to keep their customer base in an eco-conscious world.

Because of this, professionals with qualifications in sustainable business are in high demand, and studying sustainable business can open up a range of exciting roles that will allow you to make a valuable contribution to the planet.


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