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EDHEC launches an Online MSc in International Business Management to train future managers

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The health crisis has revealed flaws in some companies. The ones that based their growth on a fragile or inflexible business model have suffered the most. The assessment is clear: we need to urgently reinvent new models. Are you part of this new generation of managers called to formulate, develop and transmit their company’s strategy in an international context? The Online Master of Science in International Business Management at EDHEC Business School will give you the keys to becoming a player in tomorrow’s economic world.

Business Models to (Re)invent

The economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis have been an eye-opener and companies that have not tackled the new market expectations head-on now find themselves in great difficulty. What are these expectations?

Firstly, consumers expect companies to commit to major societal issues. Health issues are currently at the heart of customers’ concerns. Nevertheless, consumers are also looking for transparency about companies’ environmental and social practices. At a time when a bad buzz can permanently damage a brand’s image, managers must fully integrate these issues.

The fluidity of customer experience through numerous channels is also a requirement to which managers are invited to respond. Companies that were happy to continue as before have borne the full brunt of the crisis, whereas those which are more advanced in processing and analysing data, personalising customer relationships and promoting their business through various channels have been able to continue their growth in spite of the situation.

The Master of Science in International Business Management not only aims to prepare the managers of tomorrow for these challenges, but it will also give you the knowledge and tools to anticipate new trends and guide your business strategy accordingly.

  “In a society where the jobs of tomorrow are yet to be imagined, our goal is to train young professionals who are ready to get involved in societal issues and reinvent business. The Online MSc in International Business Management programme offers unique immersion in an international environment where the mixing knowledge and developing managerial skills are at the heart of the teaching.”

Why choose the MSc in International Business Management?

The online International Business Management Master’s degree combines the academic excellence of EDHEC Business School with the educational innovation that distance learning offers.

The courses are led by the best EDHEC teachers, but also teachers from other international business schools thanks to EDHEC’s participation in the FOME Alliance. While studying this MSc, you will gain access to a high-level e-learning platform thanks to the pooling of online educational resources designed by prestigious international professors:

  • Billy Salha, Professor of Strategy, Director of Executive Studies at EDHEC and CEO of Fleury Michon.
  • Philippe Foulquier, Ph. D., Professor of Finance and Accounting at EDHEC Business School, Director of the EDHEC Value Creation Research Centre and Director of the EDHEC Executive MBA.
  • George Yip, Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Strategy at Imperial College Business School, London
  • Martha Maznevsk​i, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Ivey Business School, Canada.

In addition to the common core modules, you can also personalise your course by choosing two options related to your professional project, including entrepreneurship, ethics & CSR, data analysis, agile management and brand management.

The programme is also fully anchored in practice. As part of a consulting project, you will be required to formulate a strategy for a real company operating internationally over the length of your training.

Finally, the master includes a local e-learning system to support you in your professional project. Throughout the training, we will help you to establish your international career plan and identify the steps to take in order to reach your professional goals. In a crisis setting, you will thus be giving yourself the highest chance of guaranteeing success.

 “The Online MSc in International Business Management programme offers a unique and immersive experience which is the result of a collaboration with several international business schools. We want to give participants the knowledge and interdisciplinary skills essential for future managers but also offer them the possibility of personalising their course. The online format and consulting project contribute to the variety of educational activities and their use in the real world. This Master’s degree has really been designed to guarantee participants’ professional success and give constant support in building their projects.”

An Online Master designed to practise international responsibility

The pandemic, which has affected all continents, has clearly shown this. Today, and even more so tomorrow, managerial decisions are no longer taken on a national level. That is why this Master of Science is decidedly internationally-oriented.

From an educational point of view, the training is designed to give you a better understanding of how organisations work internationally and more knowledge about global markets. In short, it will open the doors to allow you to take up managerial responsibilities on an international level.

Taught entirely in English and co-developed with international partners, it will invite you to immerse yourself in an intercultural context.

If you wish, you can also take part in a Global Business Trip in Asia or the United States to discover different business models through experience and better understand the challenges of globalisation.

 “We have imagined this online Master’s degree for managers who are looking to give their career an international dimension. Nowadays, going international is no longer an option. That is why the whole programme, from course content to speakers to the consulting project, invites participants to delve into an intercultural dynamic.”

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