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An online certificate in Corporate Finance to help you add the financial dimension to your decision-making

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Are you tasked with making strategic decisions within your company? The current health crisis has exposed the fragility of some industry players. Those companies which best survive will be those who know how to analyse their environment and do their own diagnosis in order to make well-informed decisions. Financial analysis is, naturally, indispensable. The EDHEC online certificate enables you to master the fundamentals of corporate finance in order to meet the strategic challenges faced by your company.

Corporate Finance Certificate

Corporate finance, a profession in metamorphosis

The enterprise financial environment has undergone significant change over the past decade. New financial instruments and new digital tools have appeared on the scene and continue to evolve.

This is why it is imperative that professionals with corporate finance or cash flow management related responsibilities speedily acquire an new set of skills that are in sync with the current issues.

The Corporate Finance online certificate is designed to provide you with the foundational skills in corporate finance you need to help you make effective short- and medium-term decisions.

In this distance learning environment, you will study the different aspects of financial analysis in order to turn it into a decision-support tool all of its own. Through an original and immersive learning method, you will learn how to perform a full financial analysis.

Finally, this certificate will help you to measure the impact of strategic, commercial, operational and financial decisions on value creation in the enterprise.

“Finance professions have undergone significant change over the course of the last few years. Internationalisation and digitalisation have become an important part of corporate finance. Mastering data and financial analytics are now core to a company’s success. These issues are no longer just financial, they have become strategic.” Philippe FOULQUIER, Professor of the EDHEC Corporate Finance Online Certificate

Why choose the Corporate Finance online certificate?

If you have responsibilities related to financial, administrative, or cash flow management, this certificate will give you the tools and concepts you need to add the financial dimension to your decision-making.

This course combines the recognised expertise of the EDHEC Business School in the field of finance with the originality of new online learning formats.

Directed by Philippe Foulquier, PhD, Professor of Finance and Accounting at the EDHEC Business School, Director of the EDHEC Value Creation Research Centre, and Director of the Executive MBA program at EDHEC Paris, this corporate finance online certificate brings you all the expertise of the EDHEC Business School faculty. This academic excellence is further enhanced by actionable learning content and concept implementation.

The unique content, created specifically for this program, is enriched by an online format that promotes individualised learning while maintaining a strong pedagogical link. Thanks to this format you can learn at your own pace, wherever you may be, while at the same time benefiting from personalised follow-up, virtual classes, and an entire distance learning community.

“In creating this EDHEC Corporate Finance online certificate, we looked to combine EDHEC’s high academic standards and business expertise with the possibilities made available through digital learning. I wished to provide a training program that would allow attendees to understand finance in a way that was both enjoyable and demystified. This is why, rather than building around highly academic concepts, I wanted to make it very operational by inviting participants to put themselves in the shoes of an investor looking to fund their best friend’s company, and thus learn to ask the right questions and explore and understand new concepts through a story based on actual practices.” Christel RATHLE, Admissions Director EDHEC Online

A program with an international perspective

For many industry players, enterprise strategic decisions are no longer confined to a national scale. Digitalisation provides the various stakeholders with access to information on international markets and competitors. Likewise, financial flows are not limited by the concept of national territories.

This is the reason why this certificate in corporate finance is designed from a resolutely international perspective.
To help you grasp the international issues surrounding corporate finance, this training course is taught entirely in English, and is accessible from whatever country you may live in. It also offers you the opportunity to communicate and create working groups with participants from different countries in order to experience the multicultural aspects of your profession.

Once you have passed the final exam, you have the opportunity to continue your international training by enrolling in the EDHEC Online Master of Science in International Business Management.

“Today, financial decisions require a solid understanding of the international environment. A decision made in Beijing can, in a matter of hours, impact a company located in Rome or Warsaw. We have given this certificate program a resolutely international perspective in order to bring students as close as possible to the actual practices of our professions.” Philippe FOULQUIER, Professor of the EDHEC Corporate Finance Online Certificate

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