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EDHEC adds three new online certificates to its line-up

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The global health crisis and its economic effects are heavily impacting companies around the world. In this situation, those companies who are able to quickly adapt their processes or reinvent their business models are the best equipped to rise to the challenge. To do so, they need leaders and executives who are action-oriented and have strong analytical abilities. Are you looking to develop these skills so as to drive the growth of your company? EDHEC is launching three new online certificates: Strategic Analysis, Advanced Strategic Management, and Corporate Finance.

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3 programs designed to meet your business needs

The coronavirus pandemic has heavily impacted economic activity on a global scale. In the span of just a few weeks, a number of industries experienced a sharp drop, and in some cases a complete halt, to their business. Telework has quickly become widespread where feasible.

There is no doubt that the consequences of this crisis will have a lasting impact. Those companies who best absorb the shock are those who had already digitised a portion of their processes. Others, deprived of their usual levers, are being hit hard.

It’s a situation that calls for companies to rethink their business models and incorporate new factors into their strategic deliberation process.

As a manager or director, your job is to thoroughly analyse the context and environment in which your company operates, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Based on this analysis, you will then need to formulate strategic recommendations and oversee their implementation.

This means developing new analytical and strategic skills. It is to meet this need that EDHEC has developed three new online executive certificates:

  • The Strategic Analysis Certificate provides you with the fundamentals of corporate strategy to create effective strategies in the context of digital transformation.
  • The Advanced Strategic Management Certificate is designed to provide you with the insights you need to anticipate change and activate the levers that will contribute to your company’s growth.
  • The Corporate Finance certificate will provide you with an understanding of the various aspects of corporate financial analysis to use in your decision-making.

These three online certificates share a common goal: to provide you with the fundamental skills you need to make effective short-, medium-, and long-term decisions.

“Against a backdrop of transformation, we are convinced that a company’s success rests on managers who are able to anticipate changes within their industry. Built from EDHEC’s DNA, these three certificate programs were designed for professionals by professionals to help them make decisions based on a very clear understanding of the latest business, digital and social challenges.” Christel RATHLE, Admissions Director EDHEC Online

A format that combines academic excellence with the strengths of online learning

Looking for a training program that allows you to quickly develop new skills that are relevant and actionable within your realm of responsibility?

The three EDHEC Online certificates are available as short courses (5 to 10 weeks). They combine the expertise of EDHEC Business School professors with action-oriented training methodology built on the strengths of e-learning.

The courses were created specifically for these certificates with new educational content that is in step with the times and current professional practices. The three programs are created and overseen by two experts in their respective fields:

  • Billy Salha, Ph.D, Professor of Strategy, Co-Director of the Advanced Management program, and CEO of Fleury Michon, directs the Strategic Analysis and Advanced Strategic Management certificates.
  • Philippe Foulquier, Ph.D, Professor of Finance and Accounting at EDHEC Business School, Director of the EDHEC Value Creation Research Centre, and Director of the Executive MBA program at EDHEC Paris, directs the Corporate Finance certificate.

The online format makes it easy to absorb and apply the course’s concepts and tools. You will have access to a variety of content (video, online resources, quizzes, assessments, etc.) that you can follow at your own pace. In addition, you will enjoy personalised assistance from an academic mentor, weekly virtual classes, as well as a Slack channel for discussions with your peers.

“Our certificates meet managers’ growing need to update their skills in order to best contribute to the transformation of their company. The making of these courses was driven by a desire to combine an outstanding academic experience with the flexibility of online learning. We also strive, through social learning methodologies, to encourage the human link that is sometimes missing from distance training.” Christel RATHLE, Admissions Director EDHEC Online

A determinedly international perspective

The business challenges your company faces extend past national borders. Digitalisation facilitates client access to a diversified offer. With just a few clicks, buyers can inform themselves on competing solutions and contact a company wherever in the world they may be.

In this context, it’s essential to grasp business issues at a global level, analyse the strategies of your foreign competitors, and actively contribute to your company’s international growth.

This is why EDHEC online certificates are designed with an international perspective. The courses are taught in English, and accessible from wherever you may be. Through our courses, you become part of a multicultural learning community and are able to share your respective experiences through discussions with your peers.

Upon completing the course and passing the final exam, you can prolong this international experience by enrolling in the EDHEC Online Master of Science in International Business Management program.

“Today, a successful corporate strategy depends on a clear grasp of international issues. These three certificates meet that need. Through these training programs, we also aim to promote international diversity and encourage sharing of experiences between attendees hailing from different cultures.” Fabienne BOUSTANE, Programme Advisor EDHEC Online

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