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Advanced Strategic Management: an online certificate to help managers develop an effective corporate strategy

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The health crisis has exposed the fragility of some industry players. In the post-crisis period, reconstruction will fall to managers who are able to build and communicate a strategic vision for their company. Will you be one? The EDHEC Advanced Strategic Management online certificate meets your needs.

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An ever-changing environment

The critical situation due to the coronavirus has exposed the lacks in certain business models. Companies who already had an effective strategic vision were able to adapt and minimise the impact of the crisis on their business activities. The others are feeling the effects, in some cases quite drastically so.

For some companies, the difficulties are not new. Confronted with increased competition at the international level and the emergence of new business models, they need a deep strategic reorientation to continue to grow. From that point of view, the crisis has only accelerated this move.

In this context, companies need managers capable of crafting and carrying out a new strategic vision.

As a manager, you must be able to accurately analyse your company’s environment as well as its strengths and weaknesses, and then use those analytical skills in your decision making. Lastly, you will need to activate the necessary levers to translate your strategic recommendations into operational actions.

To accomplish this, the initial training is insufficient, and the skills acquired in the course of holding a position within the company need to be supplemented by an up-to-date analytical framework and concepts.

The Advanced Strategic Management online certificate is designed to teach you to make strategic decisions and provide awareness of the implications of your choices. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • assess the relevance of strategic recommendations or choices
  • formulate recommendations and oversee their implementation yourself
  • define or reinvent an efficient and sustainable business model

“In an ever-changing world, the goal of this certificate is to help you to explore conceptual structures and business models so that you can analyse various competing situations from a strategic angle. This program offers concrete and practical insight on handling strategic challenges and understanding the levers to activate to anticipate changes and contribute positively to your company’s transformation.” Christel RATHLE, Admissions Director EDHEC Online

Why choose the EDHEC Advanced Strategic Management online certificate?

The EDHEC Advanced Strategic Management certificate not only offers you a conceptual framework that is essential to well-informed decision-making, but is also built on actual practices and the managerial implications of strategic choices.

The program combines the academic expertise of the EDHEC Business School with an innovative learning experience.

Designed and directed by Billy Salha, Professor of Strategy, Director of Top Exec Programs at EDHEC, and CEO of Fleury Michon, the strategic management online certificate is resolutely focused on managerial practices. The application of the concepts and tools it covers are expressed in a set of concrete exercises.

The educational content, created specifically for this certificate, has also been designed for an online learning environment. This online format provides you with a variety of resources and the ability to progress at your own pace, while at the same time keeping you connected to your study community through personalised follow-up and social learning activities (virtual classes, Slack channel, etc.).

This original format allows you to obtain, in only 5 weeks, an online certificate from EDHEC, ranked among the Top 15 best business schools by the Financial Times.

“To design a course adapted to the challenges and schedules of working managers, we turned to innovative learning methods. For example, social learning is a core part of the program. While participants work from a distance using online tools, distance does not mean isolation. Each participant enjoys personalised follow-up with an accredited mentor to answer their questions both practical and academic.” Christel RATHLE, Admissions Director EDHEC Online

A training program that addresses companies’ international challenges

Companies’ strategic challenges extend beyond national borders. We live in a globalised economy, and building a strategic vision requires a global perspective. Managers must include international competitors, emerging practices, and other parameters that extend beyond borders, in their formulation process.

This is why the Advanced Strategic Management certificate has an international perspective. The course is delivered entirely in English. It is designed for participants located anywhere in the world, with the goal of creating a multicultural learning community abounding with a wide variety of experiences.

Once you have passed the final exam, you will have the opportunity to continue your international management studies by enrolling in the online Master of Science in International Business from the EDHEC Business School. For more information on the bridge between these two programs, please contact one of our advisors.

“Our goal was to turn distance learning into an asset by connecting professionals coming from different countries. Each participant comes with their own culture and their own experience, and we do everything we can to make this diversity an asset in order to help each participant meet strategic challenges, which most often transcend national borders.”
Christel RATHLE, Admissions Director EDHEC Online

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