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EDHEC joins elite FOME Alliance for top business schools

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EDHEC has long been a leader in business education throughout Europe. Now we’re bringing online education to the next level.  EDHEC and seven additional universities have created a new alliance — the first of its kind — guaranteeing the quality of online executive education to be just as stellar as in-person university programmes. The FOME Alliance combines top universities from around the world, with an ultimate goal of creating a new standard for online learning through collaborative pedagogy.

Online executive education held to a new standard

Not only are thousands of online programmes available for students these days, but even the most traditional brick-and-mortar institutions have begun to put their hat into the online ring. 

There are some, however, who are clearly ahead of the pack, and they’ve come together to both ensure the quality of their programmes and evoke a collaborative spirit within their students. 

EDHEC has the privilege of being the only French university invited by Imperial College, who spearheaded the initiative. The FOME — Future of Management Education — Alliance was formed with six other institutions: BI Norwegian Business School, Ivey Business School, ESMT Berlin, IE Madrid, Melbourne Business School, and SMU Singapore. 

FOME Alliance


Goals of the FOME Alliance

The FOME Alliance has collaborated to create the first shared online learning platform of its kind, designed to provide a superior education for all participating students. The partnership intends to foster new knowledge, pedagogical models, and technologies consistent with FOME’s vision, as well as a range of innovative, high-quality online courses and degree programmes from each participant. 

“With the launch of EDHEC Online and by joining FOME, EDHEC Business School is positioning itself at the forefront of the multi-campus model of the future,” states Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School. “We can now offer our students a multitude of opportunities for obtaining diplomas with the highest level of academic and technological excellence, equipping them with the tools to succeed in a rapidly changing world. On a global market for online training that is quickly expanding, we are intent on establishing EDHEC as a key player.”

Some of the most important elements within the programme include the overall dedication to “proximity e-learning” approach. 

Each participant, both on the individual and group level, will receive support to help them succeed in a seamless learning environment across a range of mediums, and with different levels of both live and asynchronous interaction.

How Students Will Benefit from the FOME Alliance

The EDHEC collaboration with FOME serves as a shared learning experience platform.  The like-minded business schools in the alliance benefit from open lines of communication, collaboration, and entrepreneurial spirit, all within an online context. 

Students will benefit from:

  • A greater variety of locations and cultures with which to share space and learn together
  • Increased access to a variety of experienced, specialised professors
  • High-quality courses specifically tailored to online learning — not only online versions of existing courses, but curriculum which has been completely reinvented to suit the needs of online students
  • Access to a shared platform, one which allows schools to have autonomy over their tech
  • Space for innovation with online teaching techniques

By collaborating, the business schools included in the FOME Alliance are able to create one of the most powerful and intuitive learning platforms on the market, which enables us to produce personalised, interactive, and high-touch learning journeys.

Looking towards the future of education technology with EDHEC

In the near future, FOME seeks to push the boundaries of online learning. Similar to in-person university models, future students will have the possibility to choose a degree constructed from the best courses within any of the universities included within the consortium. This has yet to be done in an online setting, which is why the FOME partners are determined to put it into action. 

To explore the various courses which EDHEC has developed in line with the FOME Alliance, check out our top business online programmes geared towards executive education online learning and post-graduate education.