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Mallika VERMA

Programme Advisor

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Revolutionise corporate decision-making

The big data and analytics global market is expected to triple between 2018 and 2026. Key corporate decision-makers can no longer afford to ignore business intelligence or pass up the business benefits of disruptive analytical tools. Companies need their employees to be able to collect and analyse data, in all industries and job roles.

EDHEC Online MSc in Data Management and Business Analytics is an innovative and comprehensive programme designed to train experts and professionals to master the process of data management, from the collection of data to the use of tools and techniques and the creation of models, allowing them to become immediately operational in their respective fields.

Online MSc in Data Management & Business Analytics


The program is conducted in English

You will learn how to:

  • Apply the most recent data science techniques to a fast-changing environment in any field of business
  • Design and communicate relevant practice recommendations
  • Become immediately operational and pursue a range of global career options in data science, data management, financial analytics, and business analytics

How does the program work?

  • An intensive 18-to-24 month program
  • 1 module of fundamental courses in data management
  • 3 modules of core courses in data and analytics
  • 4 electives in finance, business or advanced data science (each elective runs for 5 weeks and involves around 35 hours of work)
  • A live virtual class every week hosted by your academic mentor to review content, encourage discussion and answer questions
  • Individual self-paced study time and group work sessions (15 hours per week recommended on average)
  • Each module is evaluated based on exercises, tests, quizzes, case studies, individual and group participation.

Fundamentals IN Data SCIENCE

  • Intro to Coding with Python
  • Statistics with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python

ManipuLating & VISUALISING Data

  • Relational & non-relational database (with Stirling University)
  • Ethics & Data
  • Data Visualisation

Understanding the market

  • Managing Innovation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Analysing data insights

  • Data Analytics for Managers (with ESMT Berlin)
  • Social Data Intelligence
  • Marketing Analytics


Tailor your program to your professional project by choosing 4 electives* among one or more of the following tracks:

Finance: Corporate Finance, Managerial Accounting, Bitcoin & Blockchain

Business: Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Designing Supply Chains, People Analytics

Advanced Data Science: Deep Learning, Coding with R

(*) Elective courses subject to change.
(5 weeks and about 35 hours of workload per elective)



    Designed specifically for online learning and working professionals with evolving goals, YouDrive is a high-end experience tailored​ to your professional needs​ and goals. Through guided self-introspection and individual sessions with an experienced coach, you will:

    • Improve your self-awareness
    • Reflect on your career and define your professional goals
    • Identify your strengths and the skills to be further developed
    • Benefit from the expertise and experience of a coach to reach your goals
    • Improve your job search tools and techniques
    • Leverage networking opportunities

    With YouDrive, you take full control of your career development

    Find out more

    The Online Impact Learning Expeditions

    To better grasp the sustainable and socially responsible issues faced by companies and develop your critical thinking, you will take part into a series of immersive and interactive webinars on different subjects. You will:

    • Understand sustainable issues through concrete examples and use cases
    • Discuss and exchange ideas with professors, professionals, and your fellow participants through an innovative learning format
    • Create a short video to showcase your understanding of the subject

    The Consulting Project

    You will have the opportunity to undertake a consulting project to formulate a strategy for a real company in the international marketplace. In line with EDHEC’s ethos of social and connective learning, you will work in a team to make useful and actionable recommendations for your chosen organisation, just as a real consultant would, on a concrete topic linked to your career plan.

    Your choice of topic may be linked to a company you’d like to work for, one of its customers, or a company that you would like to found or take over. You will be supported in this exercise by an academic mentor and a member of the teaching faculty.

    What can you do with your MSc in Data Management & Business Analytics?

    The Master of Science in Data Management & Business Analytics is a real springboard for your career development. You learn data science methods and how to apply them in a business setting, combining skills in Business and Data Science. You become immediately operational and pursue a range of global career options in data science, data management, data analytics or financial analytics.

    After your MSc in Data Management & Business Analytics, you can start your career in positions such as:

    • Data Analyst,
    • Business Analyst,
    • Data & Analytics Manager,
    • Data Manager,
    • Metrics & Analytics Specialist, 
    • Market Intelligence Specialist,
    • Market Research Analyst, 
    • Data Consultant,
    • Business Intelligence Consultant, etc.

    Your EDHEC Business School diploma

    Upon completion of the programme, you receive a diploma by EDHEC Business School which recognises the level of education received and expertise acquired during the training.

    EDHEC Business School holds a triple accreditation (EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA) and is ranked 7th in Europe (Financial Times 2023 ranking), guaranteeing our participants a nationally and internationally recognised diploma.

    Learn more about our diplomas

    Who is this Master of Science in Data Management & Business Analytics for?

    The MSc Data Management & Business Analytics is aimed at business professionals with significant experience who want to acquire skills in data and analytics, but also the ones already trained in data (engineers, statisticians…) who want to get up-to-date with the latest AI and data science techniques.


    Who are the participants?

    The participants in the MSc Data Management & Business Analytics hold a wide variety of profiles and job positions in different industries

    • 18% are in consulting
    • 14% are from the banking sector
    • 13% work in the IT sector
    bich pham

    Bee PHAM

    Senior Associate, Business Intelligence,  Shopee

    “Following an online program allows me to work and study at the same time. I learn best when I learn by myself, so when I study online, I can pause, and also use all the resources at my disposal.”



    Head of International Documentary Operations Division

    “EDHEC met my 3 main requirements: educational standards, a large alumni network, and the possibility to pursue an online program with an up-to-date and practical curriculum.”

    Online Learning Experience

    Our Online Campus is a powerful and intuitive platform dedicated to our participants’ online learning journey. Shaped with some of the best institutions in the world, top-ranked by the Financial Times, it allows us to deliver a personalised, interactive and high-touch learning experience.

    Studying online with EDHEC means:

    • Benefiting from the expertise of professors from the best business schools and universities around the world, such as ESMT Berlin, part of the FOME Alliance, as well as industry leaders
    • Experiencing different e-learning methods, live with all participants and at your own pace, on your own time
    • Having access to a wide range of pedagogical activities from videos and written resources to quizzes and instructional activities
    • Using a unique mobile-first online platform available 24/7 to attend virtual classes, pass exams and discuss with classmates, professors, or the programme support team

    Want to know more?

    Contact us!

    Personalised support to guarantee your success

    EDHEC’s Online MSc in Data Management & Business Analytics is engineered to fit your needs and schedules. It blends individual coaching with virtual classrooms and one-on-one academic mentorship with innovative global teaching methods for a fully immersive learning experience. Navigate through the program successfully and get ready for your future career thanks to our Academics Mentors, Coaches, IT and program support teams.

    Discover your future professors



    Data Analytics for Managers

    ESMT Berlin

    Guilhem Fouetillou

    Guilhem Fouetillou

    Social Data Intelligence



    Introduction to Python

    Senior Researcher


    Introduction to Python

    EDHEC Business School


    Managing Innovation

    Billy Salha, PhD


    EDHEC Business School

    Voir la vidéo


    2 intakes / year

    What are the requirements ?

    • 3-year Bachelor’s degree minimum (180 ECTS)
    • Professional experience recommended (Academic transcript required for any professional experience under 3 years)
    • Solid professional project
    • English native or bilingual proficiency (TOEFL INTERNET-BASED ≥ 92, TOEIC ≥ 850, IELTS ≥ 6.5, Cambridge Test of English ≥ 175)

    How to apply?

    Contact our Programme Advisor in order to discuss your project and your eligibility for the program.

    You can also evaluate your profile here

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      Meeting with our
      programme advisor
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    • 4

    Tuition fees

    Tuition fees

    €22,950 plus VAT*

    *For August 2024’s Intake
    Tuition fees are provided for information only and are subject to change.

    Application fees: €150

    Several financing methods exist and can be combined in the application process.
    Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

    Financial Aid / Scholarship

    Early Bird


    on tuition

    For any application submitted before July 10 for August 2024’s Intake. Scholarships and the Early Bird discount cannot be combined.

    EDHEC scholarships

    up to -40%

    on tuition

    Am I eligible?

    Any questions on the program?

    EDHEC Online Campus: how does it work? 

    The program content is divided into modules. For each module, a set of deliverables is usually required, to be completed individually or in groups.

    On the virtual campus, you have access to weekly interactive online classes, workshops and discussions via Slack messaging. Our participants are also required to work in groups on a collaborative project throughout the program.

    Compatible with tablets and mobiles, the online campus is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
    Interactions between peers and mutual support are at the heart of the EDHEC Online pedagogy: the support team is always available to help participants get organised, succeed in their learning path up to graduation, and achieve their career goals.

    What is an online degree worth?

    An online diploma has the same value as an in-person diploma. This official recognition certifies the quality of the knowledge and skills acquired.

    On completing an online program with EDHEC, you will receive a diploma from a Business School ranked 7th in Europe (Financial Times 2022 ranking) with triple accreditation (EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA). This guarantees the academic excellence of the programs, the expertise of the teaching staff, as well as its close ties to businesses.

    As with any graduation from a program attended in person, EDHEC Business School holds official graduation ceremonies for its online diplomas, at one of its campuses, to bring together the participants and pedagogical teams that have contributed to their learning and their online experience.

    What is the difference between an online degree and one attended in person?

    Both channels offer the same level of academic excellence and personalized support. The degrees carry the same value.

    How much time should I spend on an e-learning course?

    You experience several different learning formats: with your entire class during live online classes, in learning groups and on your own at your own pace. We recommend you dedicate 15 hours of individual work towards your course per week.

    Maintaining a work-life balance is essential and will help to ensure learners get the most out of their course. Our training courses are designed so that learners can adjust their workload to align with their personal situation.

    One benefit of remote work is that learners can fit it into their personal and professional lives.

    What level of English is required to participate in the program?

    To join the MSc in Data Management & Business Analytics, you need to be fluent in professional English (TOEFL>92, IELTS>6.5, TOEIC>850, Cambridge Test>175). Candidates must have the ability to understand, write and speak English in a professional setting.

    To confirm that your level of English is sufficient to follow the course, please contact your program advisor.

    Can I participate in the program without any knowledge of computer development and programming?

    It is recommended that you have basic knowledge of programming in order to follow the computer language courses effectively. The first trimester of the MSc in Data Management & Business Analytics is entirely dedicated to an Introduction to Python.

    If you’d rather learn how to understand and analyse data without having to take programming courses, we recommend you join the MSc in Business Strategy & Analytics.
    Don’t hesitate to contact a program advisor to determine which program is best suited to your skills set and objectives.

    Do I have to take a test to apply?

    If you have little or no basic knowledge of mathematics, you will be asked to take a test in addition to the admission interview with the program advisor. This multiple-choice test focuses on logical reasoning, statistics, and probability, and is designed to assess your ability to complete the program.

    How do I explain my professional project?

    As part of the admissions requirements, we ask that you have a detailed, well-defined career plan.

    Mallika VERMA

    Programme Advisor

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