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Fabienne Boustane - EDHEC Online


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Drive business transformation and growth through analytics

In the years to come, the business and economic environments are likely to be marked by a shift to a more sustainable economy, strong growth in digital technology and the continued effects of globalisation, increasing regulation and business oversight. Consequently, the job market will see increasing demand for managers who combine a strategic-thinking mindset with the technical and soft skills required to tackle the new challenges ahead. Business analytics play a critical role in providing the insights needed to make the right strategic decisions and create value in this uncertain and highly competitive environment.

EDHEC Online Master of Science (MSc) in Business Strategy & Analytics trains young professionals, managers and future decision-makers in developing their strategic thinking, using data insights and ultimately building business models that are more sustainable, inclusive and impactful.

Online MSc in Business Strategy & Analytics

With ESMT Berlin

An intensive 18-month program on business analytics, conducted entirely in English

You will learn how to:

  • Develop your skills in analytic tools and techniques
  • Enhance your abilities in problem-sloving and strategic-thinking
  • Learn how to identify market trends and customer preferences to make informed strategic decision
  • Gain the confidence and expertise needed to lead change within organisations

How does the program work?

  • 13 modules of fundamental courses in business management, strategy and business analytics
  • 1 live online class every week hosted by your academic mentor to review content, encourage discussion and answer questions
  • Career coaching, consulting project, online debates and learning expeditions throughout the program
  • Individual self-paced study time and group work sessions (15 hours per week recommended on average)

Creating a strategic advantage

  • Strategy
  • Strategic Foresight

Developing customer-driven strategies

  • Marketing and Sales in a digital world (with ESMT Berlin)
  • Managing Innovation
  • Marketing Analytics

MANAGing resources in a data-driven world

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Ethics & Responsability (with ESMT Berlin)
  • Digital Business Models

Driving Your organisation in a digital and global environment

  • People, Teams & Organisations (with ESMT Berlin)
  • International Business
  • Data Social Intelligence

Understanding the environment and identifying new challenges ahead

  • Macroeconomics for Managers
  • Data Analytics for Managers (with ESMT Berlin)


your personalised career development programme

Designed specifically for online learning and working professionals with evolving goals, YouDrive is a high-end experience tailored​ to your professional needs​ and goals. Through guided self-introspection and individual sessions with an experienced coach, you will:

  • Improve your self-awareness
  • Reflect on your career and define your professional goals
  • Identify your strengths and the skills to be further developed
  • Benefit from the expertise and experience of a coach to reach your goals
  • Improve your job search tools and techniques
  • Leverage networking opportunities

With YouDrive, you take full control of your career development.

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The Online Impact Learning Expeditions

To better grasp the sustainable and socially responsible issues faced by companies and develop your critical thinking, you will take part into a series of immersive and interactive webinars on different subjects. You will:

  • Understand sustainable issues through concrete examples and use cases
  • Discuss and exchange ideas with professors, professionals, and your fellow participants through an innovative learning format
  • Create a short video to showcase your understanding of the subject

The consulting project

The consulting project is the opportunity to put into practice the expertise acquired during the learning journey working on real companies cases. You will work in a team of three to provide concrete business-oriented proposals to a company and communicate relevant practical recommendations. You will be supported in this exercise by an academic mentor and a member of the teaching faculty.

The consulting project is a real career boost as it will showcase your ability to take a global approach to business strategies and hone your project management and interpersonal skills.

What can you do with your MSc in Business Strategy & Analytics?

Thanks to the Master of Science in Business Analytics & Strategy, our participants acquire both hard and soft skills, improve their confidence in working with data and develop their managerial skills for the fast-paced business world.

Graduates from the Online MSc in Business Strategy & Analytics can choose from a host of varied and exciting careers. For example, they can access positions as:

  • Business analyst
  • Account Executive
  • Business Development Manager
  • Strategy and Operations Manager
  • Business analytics consultant
  • Business Strategy Consultant
  • Management consultant 
  • Strategic project leader
  • Etc.

Who is this Master of Science in Business Strategy & Analytics for?

This MSc in Business Analytics & Strategy is designed for managers, young professionals, and future decision-makers who need to:

  • make sense of data insights to improve strategic decisions and lead change​
  • understand and use analytical tools and techniques​
  • gain confidence using data to converse with data experts 

Online Learning Experience

FOME Alliance

Our Online Campus is a powerful and intuitive platform dedicated to our participants’ online learning journey. Shaped with some of the best institutions in the world, top-ranked by the Financial Times, it allows us to deliver a personalised, interactive and high-touch learning experience.

Studying online with EDHEC means:

  • Benefiting from the expertise of professors from the best business schools and universities around the world, such as ESMT Berlin, part of the FOME Alliance, as well as industry leaders
  • Experiencing different e-learning methods, live with all participants and at your own pace, on your own time
  • Having access to a wide range of pedagogical activities from videos and written resources to quizzes and instructional activities
  • Using a unique mobile-first online platform available 24/7 to attend virtual classes, pass exams and discuss with classmates, professors, or the programme support team

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Personalised support to guarantee your success

EDHEC’s Online MSc in Business Analytics & Strategy is engineered to fit your needs and schedules. It blends individual coaching with virtual classrooms and one-on-one academic mentorship with innovative global teaching methods for a fully immersive learning experience. Navigate through the program successfully and get ready for your future career thanks to our Academics Mentors, Coaches, IT and program support teams.

Discover your teachers

Guilhem Fouetillou

Guilhem Fouetillou

Networks Analytics


Alexandre Emelianov

Alexandre Emelianov

Marketing Analytics




Data Analytics for Managers

ESMT Berlin

Tristan-Pierre Maury, PhD

Managerial Economics

EDHEC Economics Research Center

Johannes Habel

Johannes HABEL, PhD

Marketing and Sales in a Digital World

ESMT Berlin

Karin Kollenz-Quetard, PhD

Managing Innovation

EDHEC Business School

Billy Salha

Billy Salha, PhD


EDHEC Business School

Voir la vidéo
Cyrille COMOLE THEVENIAUD, EDHEC Business School


Digital Business Models

EDHEC Business School


4 intakes / year

What are the requirements ?

  • 3-year bachelor degree minimum 
  • Proven professional experience
  • Solid professional project
  • English native or bilingual proficiency (TOEFL>92, IELTS>6.5, TOEIC>850, Cambridge>175)

How to apply?

Contact our Programme Advisor in order to discuss your project and your eligibility for the program. You can also evaluate your profile here

Tuition fees

Tuition fees

€19,950 plus VAT*

*Tuition fees are provided for information only and are subject to change.

Application fees: €150

Financial Aid / Scholarship

Early Bird


on tuition

For all applications submitted 2 months before the next intake. Scholarships and Early Bird cannot be combined.

EDHEC scholarships

up to -40%

on tuition

Am I eligible?

Several financing methods exist and can be combined in the constitution of your application.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Fabienne Boustane - EDHEC Online


Programme Advisor

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