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So far yet so near: innovative online lessons

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Distance learning without the distance? Opting for online lessons means remaining in control of your own time and the ability to maintain other aspects of your life, such as your job and family commitments. Yet many find that it also entails the risk of isolation, on a course of study which requires support if it is to be completed successfully.

EDHEC Online has developed an educational approach which incorporates the idea of shared connection, an integral part of all EDHEC courses. With these increased support measures, EDHEC Online creates real closeness, even at a distance.

EDHEC quality in e-learning format

With EDHEC Online, the school guarantees its distance learners the quality they can expect from EDHEC programmes — with the same teachers and same promise to “Make an impact” — as well as the values and human approach to education that are equally rooted in the School’s DNA.

This support is particularly essential for its role in optimising learning pace and maximising successful course completion.

Removing distance to set development goals

Within the context of online lessons, connection can be encouraged on multiple levels. With the help of his or her coach, each EDHEC Online participant writes and signs his or her own Personal Development Contract (PDC), a completely personalised development plan. The PDC takes the participant’s professional experience into account and identifies his or her strengths and target skills for acquisition.

“First and foremost, these contracts are drawn up between the participants and themselves,” explains Christophe Abrial, EDHEC Online Programme Director “The goal is to help participants to envisage themselves on their future career paths in line with their ambitions. Participants are the authors and actors of their own development, while the learning coach takes on the role of guide.”

In addition to two monthly individual and group coaching sessions, participants also have weekly support meetings focusing on course content with academic mentors. 

“This is a unique package genuinely focused on the learner. We bring everything together to create the ideal conditions for learner success. This support gives learning a more human focus, reflecting EDHEC values.” Christophe Abrial, EDHEC Online Programme Director


Group coaching to maximise interaction

Distance learning without the distance is centred around encouraging interaction on multiple levels so that participants do not feel isolated in their studies. To this aim, it includes group coaching within learning groups. Groups of six or seven participants come together for innovation projects financed by partner businesses. This collaborative work facilitates interaction, helps participants learn how to act in new situations, and fosters a spirit of cooperation. 

Christophe Abrial believes that learning-focused coaching and group work guide learners to genuine understanding of changes to be implemented. For example, participants learn using digital tools, thus preparing them to assist in the digitalisation of their businesses. This process allows them to initiate or support a culture of innovation at the heart of their companies, to apply their successes and new skills to their work, and to look at situations with new eyes.

In addition, participants have close contact with teachers and become members of the Alumni network, where they can forge professional ties.


EDHEC Online’s support services place the learner at the heart of the course, inspiring a supportive and collaborative dynamic.

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