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EDHEC Guide: Choosing the Best Distance Education University

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Flexible and effective, online education is evolving using new technologies to meet the needs of professionals looking to develop their skills. Unlike informal digital learning solutions like MOOCs, tutorials, and other educational applications, online education is a real springboard for your career or switch to a new profession — particularly if you opt for a diploma course. But how do you select the best distance education university and the course that will add genuine value to your CV? Read on to discover the six key criteria to consider before making your decision.

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#1 Academic recognition

Your course must further your professional aims, and a university’s reputation is a marker by which you can judge the quality of its teaching staff, teaching methods, and course content. A member of the international alliance FOME (Future of Management Education) alongside several other prestigious and internationally recognised educational bodies, EDHEC Business School furnishes its EDHEC Online programmes with technology and high-quality teaching that are perfectly adapted to distance education.

#2 Qualification value

For your chosen course to benefit you within the job market or your company, it is important that it is validated with a diploma or certificate which is officially recognised, ideally by the Ministry of Labour. To check a course, see if it is included in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (National Registry of Professional Certification), a directory of state-recognised diplomas, degrees, and certifications. Certain educational bodies have also been granted European or international accreditations (EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA) which guarantee excellent teaching staff and high-quality diplomas.


#3 The EdTech dimension

In our digital age, mastering digital technologies must form part of your training if you want to develop your skills and progress professionally. To be effective, an online course must provide tools of the greatest relevance to learners. Participants in EDHEC Business School’s distance learning courses, for example, access a virtual campus and gain experience with innovative methods: interactive virtual classes, e-learning modules, collaborative exchange via Slack, micro-learning and gamification, mobile learning, and more. Within this dynamic, EDHEC is also working to develop “adaptive learning” technologies in order to personalise courses to suit each learner’s digital profile.

#4 Learning support

A distance learning diploma course requires even greater commitment than face-to-face training. For this reason, learners need support with a human touch if they are to see their courses to completion. To incorporate this into our online courses, EDHEC Business School has developed “distance learning without the distance”, including via academic mentoring.  Academic Mentors are there to respond to participants’ questions regarding the content of their classes. They are very easy to contact, including via collaborative tools like Slack messaging software, available on our Online Campus.

#5 Career support

Coaching — which can also function independently as a means of supporting professional development — helps learners to make sense of their course of study. As part of its distance learning without the distance, EDHEC Business School incorporates individual and group coaching sessions into its online courses, providing genuinely personalised career support and a powerful boost for course success.

“Coaching is one of the reasons that courses like EDHEC’s Online Manager Programme can boast a 96% completion rate, in contrast with other online formats which do not offer any support; MOOCs, for example, have an average completion rate of between 4 and 10%.”
Muriel Cauvin, EDHEC Online Coach

#6 Opportunities to build your network

Your connections play a vital role in your career progression. Undertaking a course offers the chance to network — consider concrete opportunities to make new professional contacts and join a university’s network when looking for the best distance education university for you. EDHEC Business School gives learners (even on online courses) immediate access to the EDHEC Alumni network. In addition, the discussion tools available via our virtual campus allow exchange with others and the chance to develop your network every day.