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What to expect from a management programme?

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Against the backdrop of our changing society and evolving economic environment, the skills of the individual are taking the place of qualifications when it comes to entering management. With businesses adopting increasingly horizontal models and leaving pyramid structures ever further behind, authority and hierarchy are ceding the stage to a new form of influence: leadership. Whether you are a natural or have gained your skills through experience, you have successfully achieved outstanding career advances within your company. Now you are looking ahead to your next challenge. To meet it, you must further strengthen your expertise and discover how your supervisory abilities measure up against managerial positions. Online programmes in Management are a career-building asset which are likely to accelerate your progress and help you to boost your leadership skills.

Changes in management

Management is the art of bringing your co-workers together day-to-day, united around a joint project or working towards a shared goal. Hierarchical pyramid structures no longer work, due to a lack of agility and the changed expectations of team members. As a current or future manager, you must understand and guide this transformation using new skills.

The “pyramidal” or “horizontal” management methods of yesteryear were driven by the values of control, discipline, authority, and top-down communication.

Today, companies ask you to demonstrate critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, agility, negotiation, and coordination. In addition to your expertise, these soft skills have become essential for promotion to management positions. Management has undeniably evolved and manager-leaders must acquire new skills.


To access positions at the international level, you must also advance within today’s networked world and be comfortable with multicultural management.

If you are joining a trail-blazing company, you will have to effectively utilise your talents in dealing with team members of different generations and demonstrate your ability to be innovative.

formation-management-multicuturelSource : Cadreo

If you are joining a trail-blazing company, you will have to effectively utilise your talents in dealing with team members of different generations and demonstrate your ability to be innovative.

Managerial Models and Generation

 Source : Cadreo

These different management needs require managers to understand new concepts and techniques to put theory into practice.

How do we build management skills?

What is leadership’s relevance for management? In essence, a leadership approach will allow you to progress rapidly and sustainably within your company. Leadership is a well-founded and informal way to influence your co-workers in a way which they will choose to follow rather than merely accept. In other words, manager-leaders are guides rather than bosses.

This change in approach involves creating new habits within realistic contexts:

  • using the right communication and persuasive techniques by making use of your situational intelligence ;
  • establishing relationships of trust and facilitating feedback in your teams ;
  • inspiring and guiding your co-workers when leading meetings;
  • providing rationale and sharing company vision to launch business strategy
  • encouraging autonomy rather than delegating, and being able to lead by example

Training to find your management style

Manager programmes exist to assist you in taking on new responsibilities and finding the management style which fits your personality.

Leaders look for ways in which their co-workers and they themselves can thrive. Without taking the step back needed to fully understand yourself, you will find it difficult to calmly manage high-stress situations and make critical choices under pressure.

EDHEC Online MSc in International Business Management incorporates a Career Path programme.  You will be fully in charge of your own course of learning and will set your own objectives. Your (business or EDHEC Alumni) mentors will be your guides to achieving them and putting them into practice. A team of professional coaches will test you, teaching you to make decisions under stress, master your emotions, and uncover your potential

I wanted to consolidate my professional knowledge; take in new management-related content; re-evaluate my practices; and take stock of where I was in my work, in my approach, and in my way of managing my colleagues.
Mathieu VIERNE, Human Resources Manager, Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur

A leader dedicated to their co-workers

Management training courses give you the tools to accompany your teams as they take the initiative. They provide an ideal environment for creativity, where you will be able to develop your own innovative strategy and demonstrate your capacity to be a visionary leader. When it comes to prospective career progression, this is a significant means of setting yourself apart from other candidates.

The managers of the future will be those who invest in seeing each co-worker thrive, all while getting the best from their teams. They will no longer be authoritarian or prescriptive; they will become facilitators of exchange, methods, and business.

Gain an overarching perspective on your company and our new challenges

Business management positions push you out of your comfort zone and area of expertise: this is why management training courses are becoming indispensable.

Management training: from theory to practice

Manager programmes should reinforce your ability to take a 360-degree perspective in company management. In addition to your leadership skills, management training will allow you to build a solid knowledge base encompassing legal, financial, and digital expertise. Knowledge of digital challenges and the ability to incorporate new technologies as part of your decision-making will be particularly appreciated in any sector. With these assets, you will have a strong foundation from which to access key positions in transversal management.

EDHEC’s 100% online MSC in International Business Management is based on a pragmatic approach to the emerging challenges facing future businesses:

  • decision-making for value-creation
  • transformation for innovation
    • setting your business’s agility
    • sustainability through support

An innovative approach

A management course will allow you to utilise your skills in project management, communication, auditing and financial analysis, HR development, change management, and collective intelligence.

A risk-management strategy developed with experts in your sector will prove essential for fully understanding your legal and penal responsibilities as a manager. Meanwhile, simulations and immersion tasks will allow you to develop your managerial skills through practice.

Role-play tasks will give you the opportunity to step fully into your leadership role in new situations:

  • ability to apply transversal management ;
  • encourage team development and motivation using collective intelligence ;
  • establish a positive environment where risk-taking and mistakes are permitted and encouraged ;
  • practice conscious leadership in harmony with your personality and values ;
  • make decisions and work together to succeed

Key points

Management training courses aim to provide you with the tools you need to take up a management position with confidence. With full knowledge of your strong points and the professional and human environment around you, you will be better placed for a promotion. These courses are a kind of springboard, an effective means of increasing your knowledge of digital technologies and honing your interpersonal skills. They provide you with operational tools and concrete actions to implement in your future management position.

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