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data scientist

Do you want to become a data scientist? Here’s what you should know

Data science is one of the fastest-growing careers of the 21st century.… (Read more)

lifelong learning

Lifelong Learning: How to Acquire New Skills Throughout Your Career

By regularly engaging in both individual and organised study, you are keeping yourself, your knowledge, and your perspective up-to-date with the current world we live in. … (Read more)

study finance

Why Study Finance in Today’s Business World? Top 5 Reasons

For those interested in numbers, people, and stability, studying finance is the best way to guarantee a profitable career while maintaining stability for your family.… (Read more)

role of finance in business

The Role of Finance in Business Strategy

Finance has a humbling effect on strategy and goals, as it checks and balances whimsical strategic goals with realism. … (Read more)

finance skills

5 Basic Finance Skills Every Manager Needs to Succeed

Managers should use basic finance skills in tandem with critical thinking, customer feedback, and competitor analysis to remain one step ahead of the game.… (Read more)

creative job application

5 Ways to Make a Creative Job Application That Gets You Noticed

A creative job application is one way to help you shine apart from other applicants.… (Read more)

why study data

Why Study Data? Top Benefits for Your Career

With more companies moving to big data, there is a shortage of data analysts and experts. This means that graduates with data skills can pick between exciting roles and demand a high salary.… (Read more)

top skills employers look for

Top Skills Employers Look For in a Covid-19 Job Market

The sudden leap forward in integrated technology means that employers will increasingly seek professionals with specific skill sets. The value for rote skills and task-related abilities will be overshadowed by “soft skills” in areas such as management, decision-making, and communication. … (Read more)

bored at work

Bored at Work? Here’s 5 Ways to Fix It

Being bored at work is an under-studied and under-discussed issue which many employers aren’t fully aware of. Yet, it affects much of the modern workforce, and between 43 to 53 percent of workers are currently affected by it.… (Read more)

study and work

Study and Work: Can You Do Both?

Thanks to increased flexible study plans and remote working options, aspiring professionals can study and work simultaneously more than ever before.… (Read more)

data storytelling

Data Storytelling: The Art and Science of Telling a Story with Data

To be an expert in data storytelling, being an adept data scientist or analyst is not enough. You also need to be a master in communication with special sensitivity to the nuances of human behaviour.… (Read more)

international business diploma

5 Ways an International Business Diploma Puts You Ahead of the Rest

From language practice to unique skill building to networking across the globe, an International Business diploma provides an ideal way to expand your professional profile and make your CV more appealing in an incredibly competitive, international job market.… (Read more)