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10 advantages of e-learning

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Diploma courses taught online, via correspondence, through e-learning, or by MOOC, have transformed our ways of learning. With manager training available in 30 seconds or 24 months, these courses can adapt to a variety of needs and incorporate an increasing range of educational innovations. According to an Opinion Way study for EDHEC Online, published in February 2019, 74% of professionals say they are keen to take an online diploma course within the next two years. Read on to discover 10 advantages of e-learning with a practical focus.

Online diploma courses are gaining in popularity and offer a new way of studying. The majority are high-quality courses offering the same high educational standards as face-to-face classes: taught by the same teachers as those leading classes on campus, and with individual and group support.

#1 The same level of excellence as face-to-face training

Opting for distance learning at a prestigious educational body like EDHEC Business School brings the benefits of our excellent teaching faculty and high-quality professional network of 45,000 graduates and students.

EDHEC distance learning diplomas are on an equal footing with those acquired via face-to-face courses. For example, the management certification from our 100% Online Manager Programme (Titre Niveau 1 [Level 1 Degree], a master’s degree-level qualification [BAC+5]) is exactly the same as that received at the end of the equivalent face-to-face course.

The course also involves mastering digital tools and the capacity to manage yourself, further adding to its benefits for your CV and in the eyes of employers.

#2 Online diploma courses: career catalysts

Distance learning is a springboard for your career. In the EDHEC Business School Management Development Programme, learners achieved:

  • an average increase of 26% in gross earnings per annum;
  • career progression for 57% of graduates

#3 Freedom to learn at your own pace, in your own home

One of the advantages of e-learning is that it allows participants to take their classes at any time of the day: at breakfast, in the evening, or at the weekend. Unlike fixed, structured programmes, you can therefore:

  • study at home, balancing your professional and family lives ;
  • learn at your own pace ;
  • remain active in your position and fully involved in your company’s business strategy.

#4 Support and a team dynamic to help you succeed

While distance learning does require motivation and organisation, you are not left to your own devices. EDHEC’s Online MSC in International Business Management incorporates:

  • weekly virtual classes to give structure to your learning ;
  • group work and workshops, as well as group and individual coaching sessions to facilitate your development as a manager and help you to learn ;
  • a discussion forum to allow you to connect with your fellow learners.

#5 Fun educational resources

Distance learning allows us to use new digital teaching tools for greater interactivity, including:

  • an online platform, online resources and fact sheets ;
  • learning methods which use e-learning and educational videos ;
  • training and testing with online quizzes and multiple-choice questionnaires ;


#6 Increased productivity via digital technology

Your time is precious! Distance learning courses can be pursued whenever you like, bringing a real increase in productivity.

The top surgeons of today train using augmented reality. However, it is not necessary to be an expert in digital technologies before taking an online course: only 18% of e-learning participants listed this as a worry in the Opinion Way survey for EDHEC Online.

#7 Mobile training: 24/7, flexible, and tailored

You can also take online courses on your mobile phone. M-learning provides access to the videos, quizzes, and other educational resources that you need for your studies.
In EDHEC’s Online MSC in International Business Management, you can attend virtual classes in video or audio format from your smartphone. With its increased flexibility, m-learning can be adapted to your timetable, including studying when you are on business trips or travelling. 

“ATAWAD: Anytime, Anywhere, Any device”
Make use of your commute with all classes accessible on your smartphone


Opinion Way survey for EDHEC Online

#8 New skills to highlight

Your experiences during your year of training will be highly relevant to your daily working life and that of your teams:

  • remote project-management
  • individual learning with collective intelligence emerging in workshops
  • change management based on new tools and practices
  • integration of digital technologies as a performance driver ;

These practices will be immediately transferable to your position and working habits.

#9 Rapid return on investment

As distance learning allows participants to remain active at work, you will continue to receive your current salary.

And it is frequently the case that acquisition of new managerial skills quickly allows learners to request new duties and pay increases.

#10 Coached rather than directed

Distance learning brings with it a novel relationship with teaching staff. The kind of teacher familiar from your schooldays is no longer necessary. Coaches and mentors will be your guides and partners on your personal development path. You are at the helm of your training, in charge of your learning and your level of engagement. 

Are you interested in finding out if distance learning is suited to your professional development plan? Ask our course advice staff: is this a good fit for me?


*Photo : Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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