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Strategic Analysis: a new online certificate on the fundamentals of corporate strategy

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The crisis stemming from the coronavirus has had new and unique consequences for the economy. To continue to progress, many companies must reinvent themselves now, without waiting for new business models to emerge. Therefore, they urgently need managers who understand how corporate strategy works and who master the tools for strategic management. Are you a manager looking to sustainably drive your company’s growth? The EDHEC Strategic Analysis online certificate is designed to meet your needs.

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Business models constantly being challenged

The current health crisis has shown that those companies without a strong digital presence are those most at risk. Deprived of their usual means of prospecting or their physical points of sale, these companies saw their business drop sharply or temporarily dry up altogether.

This unprecedented situation is also raising questions about the social and environmental impact of our modes of production and consumption. In some sectors, companies are already faced with the need to relocate their business. Everywhere managers are asking themselves what are the best practices to adopt to minimise the impact of another crisis of this magnitude on their company.

In this context, companies are having to rethink their business models if they want to remain competitive.

As a senior executive or manager, your role consists of finding new levers that will drive growth. You must therefore be capable of analysing the context and environment in which your company finds itself, then formulate strategic recommendations to invent or redefine an efficient and sustainable strategic model.

The EDHEC Strategic Analysis online certificate will allow you to explore new strategic models in order to perform relevant analyses of the various competitive situations which your company may find itself confronted with.

“On a regular basis, new business models arise and call into question the “certainties” of an entire market. Think of the way that IKEA revolutionised the sale of furniture. Or, more recently, the way that Netflix revolutionised paid streaming by focusing on consumer expectations. As a manager, you must be able to understand your competitors’ strategic choices and analyse your company’s context in real-time in order to make the right decision at the right time. It is the only way to stay in step with the expectations of the market. In creating this certificate program, our goal has been to give participants a practical and concrete understanding of corporate strategy in order to tackle the challenges their company faces.” Christel RATHLE, Admissions Director EDHEC Online

Why choose the Strategic Analysis online certificate?

The Strategic Analysis online certificate meets companies’ growing need for managers capable of analysing strategic problems and their impact on various stakeholders within their organisation.

The training combines the academic expertise of the EDHEC Business School and the new opportunities offered by an online format.

This certificate in strategic analysis is designed and directed by Billy Salha, Professor of Strategy, Director of Top Exec Programs at EDHEC, and CEO of Fleury Michon. It is built on new and original content specially created for this program and delivered through an innovative learning mechanism.

You can follow the training at your own pace from wherever you may be. With just a few clicks, you have access to a host of original online resources (online courses, videos, quizzes, etc.). At the same time, the certificate program has adopted the best practices of social learning to create a strong link between you, the business school, and other participants (weekly virtual classes, Slack channel, personalised follow-up).

“In designing this Strategic Analysis certificate program, we started with the challenges companies face. As a CEO, I witness firsthand just how much companies need managers equipped with advanced analytical skills. And yet, corporate strategy requires a practical and multidisciplinary approach. To make it possible for participants to get this training in only 5 weeks, we decided to combine EDHEC’s academic expertise with a modern, intuitive and engaging learning method.” Billy SALHA, Professor of the Strategic Analysis Online Certificate of EDHEC

A certificate that addresses the international challenges faced by companies

The competitive landscape in which companies operate is no longer measured on a national scale. Digitalisation and globalisation provide clients with access to a variety of offers unconstrained by geographical boundaries.

This is why the Strategic Analysis certificate program is built on an international perspective. Taught entirely in English, it is accessible from anywhere, wherever you may be. It is also designed to encourage dialogue between peers from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Upon completing the program and passing your final exam, you will receive a certificate from the EDHEC Business School, a Grande École recognised worldwide.

If you then wish to further strengthen your international skills, you may continue your training by enrolling in the online Master of Science in International Business from the EDHEC Business School.

“In today’s world, strategic analysis can only be formulated with an international dimension. The emergence of new competitors can have a significant impact on a market. For example, Chinese corporate giant Huawei’s expansion into the mobile phone sector with a more qualitative market positioning and a policy of lower prices, has forced its competitors to react. We also decided to ground this program in an international framework to enable participants to consider the global issues of corporate strategy.” Billy SALHA, Professor of the Strategic Analysis Online Certificate of EDHEC

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