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Distance learning: all you need to know

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The transformations of the digital revolution have not passed the world of education by. Already popular in English-speaking countries, distance learning is now on the rise in Europe. Numerous skills training and diploma courses are becoming available 100% remotely or in a blended learning format which combines distance learning with face-to-face classes. Online courses appear to be the ideal solution for balancing our professional and personal lives. As a result, 73% of professionals in France have a positive image of distance diploma courses, according to an EDHEC-Opinion Way study published in February 2019. Read on to discover the key advantages of these courses.

Flexible courses adapted to the pace of professional life

Whether you are a young professional, experienced manager, high-level athlete, or simply far from the nearest campus, distance learning is often the ideal solution for balancing your professional and personal lives.

The format of distance learning allows you to fit your studying into evenings or weekends, meaning that you can learn at your own pace. This provides more flexibility in your course of study.

In these times of high mobility, training via e-learning is considered flexible (79%) and to have the major advantages of allowing learners to arrange their studying time according to their schedules (65%) and to follow the course at their own pace (57%), found anEDHEC Opinion Way survey in February 2019 .

Innovative and varied learning experiences


As technologies continue to evolve, online courses offer ever more interactive packages:

  • . virtual classroom sessions
  • . videos
  • . podcasts
  • . mobile learning
  • . exchange groups on social media, and much, much more…

All these tools and measures contribute to making courses accessible within everyday life, with EDHEC’s distance learning courses offering smartphone-delivered micro-learning. Online or offline, “mobile learning” provides a personalised, engaging, and social experience. In this way, you can use your smartphone as a learning aid throughout the day, e.g., during your commute.

Personalised support

Choosing distance learning means remaining in control of your own time and the ability to maintain your work and family commitments. Yet many find that it also entails the risk of isolation and the temptation to give up. 

In order to maximise your chances and see your training plan succeed, it is therefore important to prioritise courses which offer personalised support. Opt for a course which includes coaching, for example, whether group or individual.

Individual coaching

At EDHEC, coaches work with learners to identify their goals in terms of development within their companies, desired changes, or the creation of new businesses. As the curriculum progresses, individual coaching allows the coach to support the learner in the realisation of his or her goals.

Group coaching

Group coaching, meanwhile, allows learners to collaborate with other participants despite the distance between them. In this way, learners develop their abilities not only to work in a team but, above all, to do so using innovative digital communication tools. 

At EDHEC, all distance learning courses offer an increased support package with coaching sessions in each course.

“This is a unique package genuinely focused on the learner. We bring everything together to create the ideal conditions for learner success. This support gives learning a more human focus, reflecting EDHEC values.” Antoine Giannelli, EDHEC Online Coaching and Mentoring Manager”

If you would like to know more about our distance learning options, download our introductory brochures to explore our various management training programmes, ranging from undergraduate degree level to master’s level

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