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EDHEC Online’s unique entrepreneurial development programmes

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Do you have plans for a start-up or acquisition, but doubts about leaving your current position to embark on your entrepreneurial venture? Are you wondering whether you have sufficiently refined your plans, or if you have the right skills to develop and manage your future business? Focused on the particular challenges facing entrepreneurs, distance learning entrepreneurial development programmes can support you in honing your business plan. Here are five strong motivations to consider one of these programmes…

formation à distance entrepreneur

#1 They give you complete organisational freedom

100% online courses grant significant flexibility in terms of organisation. You have the option of remaining an employee in order to maintain financial stability while you undertake your distance learning course, or of beginning your entrepreneurship alongside your studies, each informing the other on a daily basis. Distance learning is also uniquely versatile in allowing you to learn from any location, regardless of whether you live far from the cities in which Business School campuses are situated or abroad.

#2 They immerse you in a digital environment

In taking a distance learning course supported by the latest developments in Ed Tech, you will master innovative digital tools and discover new learning methods. The daily immersion in a digital environment provided by entrepreneurial development programmes allows you to absorb the knowledge, skills, and reflexes which you will need in order to adapt your future business to digital challenges, in terms of organisation, administration, and management.

#3 They bring you face to face with business challenges

Throughout your online training, you will be in contact with teachers, coaches, and academic mentors who keep meticulously up-to-date with developments within their areas of specialisation. As part of an EDHEC online diploma course, you may have the chance to work on ground-breaking innovations or new business models which may be useful in your entrepreneurial venture.

All of these learning experiences will allow you, as a future company director, to familiarise yourself with, understand, and master the latest rules and challenges of the economic environment through which you will soon be leading your business.

#4 They help you to perfect your business plan

EDHEC Business School’s online certification and diploma courses give you the chance (in the “Consulting Project” module) to work in depth on every operational and strategic angle of your entrepreneurial venture, applying the lessons learned over the course of your training under the guidance of your teachers. This is a unique opportunity to improve and enhance your business plan, enriching it with the help of specialist perspectives.

#5 They develop your professional network

A well-established network of potential partners and clients is essential to guaranteeing a good start for your business, and the choice of a distance learning course opens up new opportunities to build connections. You will meet others from a diverse range of strong profiles — teachers, professionals, students, Alumni.

To this end, EDHEC Business School’s virtual campus is an ideal meeting place: learners gain access to collaborative tools via the Online Campus and have the option to join EDHEC’s Alumni network as soon as courses begin, allowing you to increase your network of contacts and to build solid links.

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