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Covid-19 information

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In dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic, which we have been facing for several weeks, we wish to express our full commitment. All our collaborators are committed to enable you to pursue or set up your online training project. More than ever, we are keen to guide you during this period and are therefore adjusting our organisation:

  • We have maintained all of our start dates for all of our online programmes.
  • Our information webinars keep on being animated as usual by our consultants in order to answer all your questions
  • Our professors have adapted their organisation to guarantee the virtual live classes.
  • Our Online Campus remains at the disposal of our participants. Our technical teams continue to ensure its smooth operation in order to maintain an optimal quality of service.


For more information

Dear Students,

Following yesterday evening’s speech by the Prime Minister, and the delivery today of new recommendations from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, we write to bring you further clarification regarding the next steps in your academic year 2019-2020.
We are putting in place measures and adapting the academic delivery to ensure that, despite the current global situation, each of you will have the opportunity to validate your academic year 2019-2020 and, thereby, be in a position at the end of your degree programme to satisfy the degree conditions.

As of Monday March 16th, no in-person pedagogical activity will take place for the rest of the semester. Beginning on March 25th, and until the end of the semester, all classes, evaluations and exams will be delivered remotely.

In addition, on Monday March 16th, access to campus will be strictly limited to those students needing to come to pick up any personal belongings, after which no further access to campus will be possible until further notice.

We strongly advise all of our international students, and those French nationals who wish to do so, to take advantage of the time between now and March 25th to return home to their families and to prepare for the continuation of studies remotely. In addition, for all students who will have to prematurely end their internship or study-abroad exchanges due to this exceptional global situation, we assure you in advance that the degree criteria for international experience will be validated. Internships which are carried out in a work-from-home setup will also be validated. Programme directors already sent specific messages to students doing internships or studying abroad.

We invite you to share this information with your parents.

This global pandemic is disrupting corporations, schools and everyday lives world-wide. During this challenging time, our administration, faculty and operations teams are working tirelessly to ensure the continuation of our critical mission to educate. We thank you for your engagement and wish you most of all to continue to follow guidelines to keep yourselves and others healthy.

Best regards,
Emmanuel Métais

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