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EDHEC: Building an innovative and personalised online learning experience

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EDHEC online programmes are based on a learning design approach which puts the students’ goals and experience first. The goal: create an innovative and high-quality learning journey for all online participants.

EDHEC’s pioneer methods for online learning have been recognized on the global scale during the latest FOME (Future of Management Education) alliance conference. The “Macroeconomics for Managers” online course, offered as part of the Online Master of Science (MSc) in Data Management and Business Analytics, received the Bronze Award for “Learning Design Innovation”.

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The course, taught by professor Tristan-Pierre Maury and developed by a team of learning designers, is an example of the learning approach implemented in all EDHEC online programs in order to help the participants achieve their objectives. By the end of their online learning journey, they will have gained a new perspective on macroeconomics and feel confident enough to produce content on the subject.

The course design puts social learning at its core by allowing students to interact with each other as they would in a classroom during an open discussion, creating a valuable online learning experience.

Studying online with EDHEC: an interactive and personalised experience

EDHEC online programmes are engineered to fit our participants’ needs and busy schedules. They blend individual coaching with virtual classrooms and one-on-one academic mentorship with innovative global teaching methods for a fully immersive learning experience.

Social interactions are a crucial part of the online pedagogy. Through three different study levels (working on their own, in study groups, and with the full cohort), our participants interact daily with their classmates and professors, and also with coaches and mentors.

Specifically designed for the online and “mobile-first” format, the courses are available on an interactive and personalised online learning platform, available 24/7.

The members of the FOME Alliance – of which EDHEC is a co-founder – have collaborated to create the most powerful and intuitive learning platforms on the market. Based on a “proximity e-learning” approach, it is designed to provide a superior education and high-touch learning journey for all participating students.

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