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Many managers, at 25, 30, or even 40+, aspire to return to adult education while continuing to work. According to an EDHEC-Opinion Way study published in February 2019, 74% of professionals plan to take an e-learning diploma course within the next two years.

Whether for acquiring new skills, securing a higher salary, or retraining, professional distance learning quickly sets itself apart as the ideal solution. Before you sign up, read on to discover our three tips for returning to education while working.

Review your professional development plan

What is pushing you to consider returning to education? What are your core aspirations? Before throwing yourself into an exciting new plan, it is essential to visualise your post-training path. Do you intend to change role within your current company, or to join a new organisation? Do you see yourself setting out on a new entrepreneurial venture? No matter your plans, it is important to take time to reflect and to discuss your project with those around you, whether your work colleagues or your personal network.

A graduate of an Online Management Program course shares her motivations for returning to education:

“I had been working as a financial advisor for an online bank for 11 years. I had taken a slightly unusual route to get there, learning on the job, which prevented me from progressing to the supervisory post that I was interested in. I was determined to take my career to the management level and I used that momentum to apply for the Manager programme (Management Development Programme, master’s level.”

Take stock of your skills

Whether you are envisioning augmenting your current responsibilities or a more radical change, it is a good idea to review the skills that you will need to succeed in your target career. Which do you have already, and which do you still need to acquire? Taking inventory may not be simple, yet it is vital when it comes to choosing the right course. It may be helpful to undergo a skills assessment before making a decision.

When you have a short-list of course options, you can contact the professional training body to check course content and expected skills-learning outcomes.

At EDHEC, our admissions staff can offer advice regarding your professional development plan. They will use your CV to carefully study your career path and offer an introductory interview to ensure that your plan is a good fit with our online continuing education programmes for professionals.

Choose the course that works for you

This is undoubtedly the key step to successfully preparing for a return to adult education, a serious move which involves choosing a course which corresponds both to your professional development plan and to your way of life and personal pace.

The good news is that professional training has progressed significantly in recent years, adapting to the needs of managers within the increasingly mobile workforce. EDHEC has developed its programmes and broken new ground with new distance learning programmes, whether 100% online.

“With the help of digital tools, participants are free to choose their own working pace and to organise their learning strategies. This is the strength of our teaching, based on interaction, collective intelligence, and coaching,” explains Stefan CRISAN, EDHEC Online Director of Operations

Please do not hesitate to contact our admissions staff for advice regarding your professional development plan.

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