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Discover the many benefits of E-Learning with EDHEC Online

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With the development of new technologies, the education sector has joined the movement for digital transformation: by the end of 2019, the government portal sup-numerique.gouv listed over 1,200 online training courses provided by French higher education bodies — like the online programmes offered by EDHEC Business School. Are you unsure whether to opt for distance education via e-learning or face-to-face training? Are you wondering about the benefits of e-learning and how to find out whether a 100% online format could really work for you? Read on for a guide to making your decision.

formation à distance e-learning

#1 Are you looking for a course you can pursue anywhere…

If your location, your schedule, or your travel for business rule out regular campus attendance, distance education via e-learning can provide you with the autonomy you require: so long as you have an internet connection, you can freely access the full range of features available on our virtual campus, make use of the resources provided, have discussions with members of the teaching team or other learners, and evaluate your knowledge with self-testing modules — wherever you find yourself. This is an ideal solution for, for example, those living abroad and wishing to take a course recognised by French authorities and businesses.

“I genuinely found myself attending virtual classes in every possible scenario. At home, sometimes in the office, on holiday, abroad, and even in my car — while parked, of course!” Stéphane Argoud, EDHEC Online Manager Programme alumnus


#2 … and any time?

The freedom offered by online training is also a significant asset if you are looking to pursue training while continuing to work: the e-learning format lets you learn at your own pace, in your free time, all while allowing your learning and working experience to inform one another on a daily basis. And to ensure that autonomy does not have to mean loneliness, EDHEC Business School has developed “distance learning without the distance”, a format which feels more concrete and is founded on academic and professional support, giving a unique experience with a human touch and a maximised success rate — 96% of Online Manager Programme participants have successfully gained their course diplomas.

#3 Are you interested in your own digital transformation?

More than a mere package of online lessons, distance learning teaches you to master the digital tools indispensable to modern businesses. For example, EDHEC Business School’s virtual campus gives learners access to collaborative tools like Slack and Zoom in order to facilitate interaction and collective intelligence. A veritable testing ground for digital transformation, online learning is two-for-one: while developing your skills, you will also get to grips with new work tools and learn to manage projects and teams remotely. This is one of the crucial benefits of e-learning, particularly when it comes to effective management of digital natives.

“If you are undecided, I would encourage you to sign up for this online course without a moment’s hesitation. On top of the teaching quality and the human resources which this contributes, the programme provides a package of tools via a ‘virtual workbench’ — simply using these is enough to advance your career.” Ramtine Vahedi, EDHEC Online Manager Programme alumnus

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