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Do online degrees have value? Are they recognised?

Learning new skills is one of the best ways to move forward with your career. It is also important to stay up to date and keep up with new technologies or trends in your sector. But as you start looking for an online programme that suits your needs, you may be wondering if online degrees are worth it? Is it possible to find a job after completing an online course? Don’t worry: distance learning is recognised by companies.
What value can you get out of your online degree? Here is everything you need to know before choosing your programme.

Do online degrees have value?

Online degrees are recognised and have the same value as their in-person counterparts. One way to ensure that a programme is recognised is to check its accreditations or the activities of its alumni. Opting for a top-ranking school is the best way to choose a valuable degree.

How to know if an online degree is recognised?

The level of recognition of an online diploma can vary. There are several ways to find out if an online degree is recognised.

First of all, you can check the rankings. Several organisations publish their rankings for business schools. Some rank specific types of programmes. For example, the Financial Times publishes each year its ranking of the best European business schools. Choosing an institution from the top 10 is a good starting point to find a programme that fits your project.

Then, you should take a look at the diplomas the school offers. Once you have found a course that teaches what you need, make sure it is accredited. Some programmes may look interesting at first glance, but if they don’t have an official accreditation from an organisation such as EQUIS, AACSB or AMBA, it’s better to keep looking.

Another important factor to consider: does the school have partner companies? If it does, it’s a sign that their programmes are in touch with what companies actually need. It’s a strong signal that companies recognise their online degrees. It also means that you will have opportunities to get in touch with people from those companies to find a new job.

Can you get a job with an online degree?

It is indeed possible to get a job with an online degree.

First of all, as mentioned above, online diplomas can be accredited by highly respected associations and official rankings are something recruiters will pay attention to. And don’t forget that there will be no mention on your diploma of the fact that it was obtained online. Again: it has the same value as an in-person degree.

Applying for a job after completing an online programme is also an advantage. It shows that you have the organisational skills to work and develop your skills at the same time. It takes a lot of self-discipline and a real will to improve yourself, qualities that recruiters will appreciate.
Finally, by choosing an online programme you are demonstrating that you can work in a digital environment, a skill that is highly valued by employers.

Why should you pursue an online degree?

In some situations, it’s better to choose an online degree. If you are a young student, it’s probably better to go to an in-person programme. But in many cases, it’s better to choose distance learning.

One of the main advantages of online education is that it is much easier to fit around your schedule. As a professional you may not want or you can’t afford to stop working for weeks, months or over a year. Online education is designed for people in your situation.

Although it requires a better organisation, pursuing an online degree is the best compromise between your obligations and your professional and personal development.

Are online degrees easier?

Since online degrees don’t imply physical interaction with other students and the professors in a formal university setting, some might think that they are easier and are less valuable than in-person programmes. This couldn’t be more wrong.

As you will notice when you start your course, the standards expected of distance learners are exactly the same as of in-person students. Online courses involve personal work at home with deliverables. You will work on your own, but also in groups with other participants. Professors won’t expect less from you and you will definitely have to improve your knowledge and skills to earn your diploma.

But in a way, it could be argued that online degrees are easier. Not because the programme is shorter or because professors  are more lenient with the students. What makes the difference is the fact that you are working from home and the flexibility of the programme. Being able to work at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you, will make it easier to complete the programme. If you choose the right school and course, you will also benefit from personal support from the teaching staff.

The quality of the programmes

There are several ways to ensure the quality of an online programme. Even if you have found a course from a prestigious school with many accreditations that guarantee academic excellence and the quality of the programmes and partner companies… there are still many factors to consider to ensure that the programme meets your needs.

First, you have to pay attention to the teaching staff. It should be made up of working professionals and recognised experts. Schools should indicate clearly on their website who their professors are and why they are qualified to teach (with their professional experience, their diploma, the research they have done, etc.).

You should also expect the staff to provide you with great academic and professional support to help you succeed. When choosing a programme, make sure that the school offers a range of services such as coaching, a personal mentor and that there are opportunities for exchanging throughout the programme.

A good online education centre should also give you access to a strong alumni network. This will help you to find new job opportunities after graduation, but it will also help you find a mentor for your professional development.

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