Séverine Clerice

Multisite Sales Manager, SECURITAS FRANCE

Why did you choose the EDHEC Higher Management Cycle?

I chose the EDHEC Higher Management Cycle because of its notoriety but also because of the feedback I received within my company. The idea was for me to step back and take a step back from my current position as a sales manager. I wanted to gain in managerial skills to be more effective and share this knowledge with my teams.

What are the advantages of the e-learning format?

One of the main advantages of the e-learning format is that it can work at its own pace even if a virtual classroom format is imposed. Nevertheless, the workload should not be underestimated. It is necessary to find a new organization at the professional level by delegating more but also at the personal level by making some concessions.

What did you discover during this learning expedition to Paris?

This learning expedition is a real distracting moment and totally out of step with my daily life. In particular, it allows you to exchange with passionate people and expand your network. It also served me to gather all the best managerial elements and then reintegrate them into our organization.