Isabelle Ling

Head of Controlling and Audit, Argosyn

Isabelle embarked on her journey with the Online Certificate in Corporate Finance, laying a robust foundation for her career progression. This was seamlessly followed by the Online Master of Science in Corporate Finance,  amplifying her expertise and market value. As she reflects on this transformative journey, Isabelle offers priceless insights and advice, serving as a guiding light for prospective students embarking on their own paths.

Isabelle Ling


Can you briefly describe your professional background and why you decided to pursue the Master of Science in Corporate Finance?

I started my career as a customer service manager in exports. Then I decided to transition into a controlling position. After that experience, I had the opportunity to complete an online corporate finance certificate, which was very interesting. As I wanted to further advance my career and was interested in topics such as : valuation, corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions… I thought that this master’s programme was the best option. Additionally, being able to continue working while learning made it perfect for me.

What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling in an online programme?

Be sure to be well-organized because you will need to be dedicated to balancing your job and the learning journey. You need to be curious and open-minded to be able to enjoy every module of the programme.

How would you describe the learning experience and interaction with other students and professors?

It was a very enriching experience, both with the cohort and the professors.
Group work was particularly interesting as it required learning from others.
One tip I would give is to participate in live sessions as they allow interaction with the professors.

So I think it was a really, really nice combination. Despite being online, it felt like being part of a group, and everyone, including the professors, made you feel important. Overall, it was a very positive experience.

How did the EDHEC Business School online format help you develop personally and professionally?

The programme provided the opportunity to work on personal goals with a coach and develop new skills essential for advancing in my career. What’s great about this programme is its comprehensive nature; it covers not only finance but also strategy, marketing, and more.
This broad perspective will hopefully enable me to contribute effectively at an executive level, considering various company challenges.

What were the highlights of this online training?

The highlight was definitely meeting incredible people. I had the chance to collaborate with a cohort mate on a consulting project, which led to us becoming close friends.
Developing relationships with cohort members is crucial and enhances the programme experience. Finding someone to rely on and support throughout the program ensures a fantastic journey.

Why did you choose the online format?

I found the EDHEC online platform to be an excellent and interactive learning tool. It allowed for easy monitoring of progress throughout the modules and the programme. Additionally, it provided access to additional certificates, such as the Digital Transformation Certificate from Imperial College, which was also a valuable experience.